Embassy Hotel Records recording artists Hoodang write and perform original American roots music drawing on traditional hard country, honky tonk, delta blues, western swing, alt. country, and bluegrass influences.


Embassy Hotel Records recording artists Hoodang blends traditional hard country, honky-tonk, delta blues, western swing, and bluegrass with contemporary alt. country influences. The uniquely original Hoodang sound is characterized by darkly wry lyrics and driving acoustic and electric music that runs the gamut from blistering country blues to twisted, heartworn ballads.

The offspring of a highly productive songwriting collaboration between singer, guitarist David Rossiter and bassist Rich Rickman, Hoodang was founded in late 2002 as a venue for their original music, as well as a means of celebrating the rich fabric that is traditional American roots music.

The band has performed at a variety of venues in Southeast Michigan, including The Ark, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival “Top of the Park”, DylanFest, the Ann Arbor Art Fair Main Stage, Ann Arbor Musicians For Peace, the Noreast'r Festival, Crazy Wisdom Tearoom, Trinity House Theater, Memphis Smoke, The Blind Pig, Michigan Songwriters, The Elbow Room and Tap Room in Ypsilanti, and Mac’s Bar in Lansing.

Returning to music after a lengthy hiatus, Ann Arbor native David Rossiter has found fertile ground in modern American roots music for bringing together his diverse musical and storytelling interests. Anyone listening to his lyrical approach to songwriting, his expressive vocals, and swinging, contrapuntal picking style will recognize a wide range of traditional and contemporary influences at play.

As Hoodang's string specialist, Drew Howard plays pedal steel, guitar, Dobro, mandolin, and banjo. Across three decades, Drew has picked and twanged his way through the dives and concert halls of US and Europe, playing blues, rock, folk, and country with a variety of national and international acts. Drew's studio credits range from self-produced CD's (The Weepers), to music, radio, and television production in Detroit, Lansing, Chicago, and New York. Drew's hobbies are fine wines, railroadiana and Mob flicks.

A New York native born to a musical family, multi-instrumentalist John Latini was influenced early on by a wide variety of musical styles - from Hank Williams to Harry Belafonte, from the British Invasion to the American Survival. Later, while studying music theory in college, he was further influenced by Jazz and Rhythm and Blues, American String Music and 'da blues', and it all comes out in his musical wash.

The term ‘hoodang’ is defined in the dictionary as a ‘wild party’ or ‘a social gathering characterized by music, dancing, and exuberant celebration.’ The band thinks Hoodang simply means ‘a damn good time.’ So throw your coat in the corner, open a cold beverage, put on some comfortable shoes and stay a while.

You can listen to Hoodang, read lyrics, see pictures, and find out more at www.sonicbids.com/hoodang.

To book Hoodang for your festival, honky tonk, bar, nightclub, roadhouse, dive, café, or concert hall call (734) 834-3196 or email hoodawg@hoodang.com.


Roadhouse Shuffle

Written By: Rickman-Rossiter

He’d been doing the roadhouse shuffle
for twenty years or so
Sleepin’ it off in the backroom
times he couldn’t even find the door
Played piano for tips and drinks
up and down the line
Each year brought Death closer in
soon it would be his time

Long ways back before the war
he’d held his head with pride
Then he’d seen his friends blown up
and the sickness take his bride
He came home a broken man
with no place to stay
‘Cept the juke joints and honky-tonks
all along the Great Highway

Then one day redemption came
never thought it would
A baby’s cry out behind the bar
back where the wood pile stood
Raised her up into his arms
knew he’d take her in
Jordan’s river in a baby’s tears
to wash away his sins yeah

Old Death sits in the corner now
decades come and gone
Smile comes to his face
Never thought that he’d last this long
Piano music fills the house
streaming up the stairs
Sounds he’d taught her driftin’ in
to soothe his dying cares

(C) 2002 Rickman-Rossiter

Pasted-On Smile

Written By: Rickman - Rossiter

He sits alone at the end of a long crowded bar
Checks the time, pays in pesos
And then he leaves
Like so many times before
She's nowhere to be seen
Hat pulled low he heads for the door

And she's never coming back anymore
It's been two years to the day
He's keeping score
She stayed for a while
But that pasted-on smile
Couldn't hide the wandering in her eye

He was lost from the first
Guess it was his thirst
He fell hard as she recited the bill of fare
Cerveza por favor
And just one thing more
A number to go with that name

The first to take notice
She'd fallen for his charms
Maybe once or twice he'd pushed her
Never meant to do no real harm
Just his way of loving
He wasn't really that mean
She packed her bags that night
And left him in his dreams

So he walks to the end of a long lonely pier
Stares down, black water below
A neon half moon flickers then dies
It dawns that it's time to go

(C) 2002 Rickman-Rossiter

Jump Start My Heart

Written By: Rickman-Rossiter

Jump Start My Heart

Been feelin' pretty low
since she left me
I can barely stay upright
on this stool
The wine and the tokin'
turned me into a joke and
I'm sitting here actin'
like a fool

Come on little darlin'
won't you help me to forget her
You can do it
if you play your part
Come on pretty baby
let's get bumper to bumper
Hook me up and then
jump start my heart

I was waiting by the door
when you opened
Now you're standing around
waiting on me to close
But since I got your attention
might as well mention
there'll be a big tip
if I ever get up and go

I ain't lookin'
for a permanent thing
just a push
then I'll pop it into gear
I'm all stalled out
at the bottom of this hill
If you're real nice
might even let you steer

I feel like I'm ready
for the scrap heap
Ain't nothing much
to salvage anyway
So pour me another
Get on the phone
to my mother
She'll come get me
like she did yesterday

Memory Lapse

Written By: Rickman-Rossiter

Memory Lapse

First thing in the morning
is the clanging of the bell
Another day in paradise
my own private hell
I hear the buzzer sounding
as they slide back my cell door
I put on well-worn government shoes
and step out on the floor
I watch my back in the Big Yard
leaden sky hung so low
Feel him coming up behind me
But I turn around too slow

The only friends I got left
are loneliness and strife
Figured they was gonna stick by me
for twenty years to life
Had the devil in a holster
and a monkey on my back
Evil spirits in a bottle
sent me down a one way track
Shot of old number seven
started out that fateful night
Curtain of black fell 'cross my mind
Till I couldn't tell wrong from right

It makes my blood run cold
as the Red River in December
To think I'm serving time
for a crime I don't remember

By ten o'clock that night
I'd gotten rid of all my pain
and even if you'd asked me
I couldn't a told you my name
Must've got a little lonely
that's what the police said
So rather than go on home
went somewhere's else instead
To a local lady's house
where comfort was for sale
Woke up with a bloody shirt
on the cold floor of this jail

It makes my blood run cold
as the Red River in December
To think I'm serving time
for a crime I don't remember

Can't say I even felt it
Even now it don't hurt so bad
Laying out on this cold concrete
like a dead man on a slab
I can see the stars shining
In a pitch black Dakota sky
See her face swim before me
Just like it did the night she died
Oh Jesus won't you help me
I can feel the fires of Hell
Right now I'd settle for Purgatory
Yeah that would just suit me swell

It makes my blood run cold
as the Red River in December
To think I'm serving time
for a crime I don't remember

Past Where the Shadows Fall

Written By: David Rossiter

I was born the restless kind
always moving on down the line
Come with me and we'll have a time
past where the shadows fall

Come on baby take a ride with me
Come on baby let's go
Come on baby take a ride with me
Show you all there is to show

I've been to France been to It-ly
sure wish you'd been there wit me
Sipping champagne in a boat on the Seine
past where the shadows fall

Come on baby take a ride with me
Come on baby let's go
Come on baby take a ride with me
Show you all there is to show

I met Gandhi and Frank Sinatra
cooked 'em up heuvos with a little cilantra
Gandhi passed but Frank had seconds
past where the shadows fall

Come on baby take a ride with me
Come on baby let's go
Come on baby take a ride with me
Show you all there is to show

Got a great big Airstream all aluminum
Got a dog named Elvis thinks he's human
If he curls his lip don't try groomin' 'im
past where the shadows fall

Come on baby take a ride with me
Come on baby let's go
Come on baby take a ride with me
Show you all there is to show

Gonna find me a place far from the city
Sit on the porch sing doo wah diddy
You'll sing along you sure look pretty
past where the shadows fall


Debut album released July 2004: Hoodang

David Rossiter: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Rich Rickman: bass
Drew Howard: pedal steel, dobro, mandolin, guitar, banjo
Neil Donato: keyboards
Dave McWilliam: drums
David Mosher: fiddle, mandolin
Sue Gillis: backing vocal

Set List

Original Hoodang material:

Dangerous Life (Rossiter)
Don't Recall (Rickman-Rossiter)
Double-Barreled Gun (Rickman)
Fine Morning (Rickman-Rossiter)
Jump Start My Heart (Rickman-Rossiter)
Just Your Luck (Rossiter)
Last Drink Tonight (Rossiter)
Let's Get Married Again (Rickman-Rossiter)
Memory Lapse (Rickman-Rossiter)
Mississippi Toast (Rickman-Rossiter)
Past Where the Shadows Fall (Rossiter)
Pasted-On Smile (Rickman-Rossiter)
Roadhouse Shuffle (Rickman-Rossiter)
Sky Over Baghdad (Rossiter)
The Last Thing (Rossiter)
The Prettiest Girl (Rossiter)
Two of the Ways (Rossiter)

When that's done, we can keep playing Hank Williams' tunes till the cows come home.