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Hood Gang is the #1 most partyingest band going. They’re a refreshing mix between rock and rap, that knocks out the competition with an in-your-face, super funky live band show. A typical live show for the Hood Gang is like an improve comedy act that the audience can not only be part of, but direct.


The scene begins in a Manhattan high rise, Paris Hilton’s VIP sex tape release party, a string quartet is playing “party” music in the background…clicking her pointed toe on a black marble floor, fingering her Martini as she searches the room for some sort of shape in a roomful of squares. When can I get naked again? she is thinking…Just then the elevator bell rings and she hears laughter, the faint intro to a new song on the radio she really digs and…the bark of a dog? Oh my, she thinks, could it really be? The next thing she knows, the wooden door crashes to the ground and all she sees is a size 13 shoe with SNEAKY on the bottom emerging out of a cloud of smoke! At last, the Hood Gang was here, her party is saved!
Sneaky Mike followed by the Drunken Monkey storm in throwin’ bows to any stiff tied sucker who stood in their way. After all, no one stands between the Hood Gang and a party! To Paris Hilton’s delight, she watches as the two crazy honkies come in, equipped with beer, hookers and a box of Flintstone’s push-ups to smear on the girlie’s puntas. To top it all of, America’s most loved party animal…Spudz McKenzie lagging behind, pulls a red wagon with a keg of Iron City in it! (And we all wondered whatever happened to him?)
As Sneaky continued knocking down all of the lame-ass lobsters with his furious elbows, Drunken Monkey gives Carson Daley a wedgie and punks Ashton Kutcher so bad that he cries for Demi Moore. By now Paris Hilton couldn’t resist temptation any longer; she was now dancing in her bikini to the ever so funky beats of the Hood Gang with the rest of the girls who would lick Ellen Degenerous’ hairy armpit for a smack on the ass from these two drunken guys. Anyone who was left standing at this point was getting down to the freshest rap music ever to thump through a stereo speaker. Even the Beastie Boys, who are too old to blink, are body movin’ as they pass what they think is the mic to Drunken Monkey, (it is really an old hamburger left over from the White Castle days).
Just when the guests thought that the party couldn’t get any freakier, Paris Hilton was first chick in a bikini to give Sneaky Mike her ankles and do a keg stand as she looked up at Drunken Monkey’s bag and pipe underneath his kilt…
“Wake up Monk, you drunk bastard, you’re supposed to be writing your flow while I was in there mixing the beat!” Drunken Monkey rolls over spilling what’s left of his Micky’s 40oz onto the carpet in Sneaky Studios’ main control room.
Although this outlandish scenario is just one of Drunken Monkey’s obliterated dreams, it is an accurate depiction of what a night out with the Hood Gang is really like. A typical live performance is also quite similar. Sneaky Mike and Drunken Monkey show up at the gig, whether it’s a club or a house party, ready to shake everybody and everything down. By the end of the first song, which is normally ‘Two Crazy Honkies’, everybody is live. It doesn’t take long before the natural skepticism of “Are these two whites guys really going to try to rap?” wears off and the audience acts and feels like they are partying with the Hood Gang. Not only does the audience feel like they are included in the show, but they are highly entertained as well. It wouldn’t be unlikely to see Sneaky Mike jumping around the stage until finally he ended up in the crowd while Drunken Monkey was freaking some girlie while doing a ridiculously humorous, boy band-ish dance that he choreographed himself. Whether it is a house party or a 200 person gig at a live venue, the group performs as if they were on a familiar level with everyone there. Their live performance borderlines a comedy act that is never the same show twice.
In addition to choreographing dance moves that look like they have been designed especially for a post-paraplegic street dance team, the Hood Gang is much more self-sufficient. As the owner of Sneaky Studios, Sneaky Mike is the duo’s music producer, engineer, manager and promoter. Since the Hood Gang’s formation, they have developed a professional lifestyle that provided a solid foundation on which they can build their music on. In the midst of all of the forties being chugged, girlies’ asses being grabbed, and getting down, they have managed to compose all of their music, write all of their lyrics and record and mix a full length album at Sneaky Mike’s Sneaky Studios. Not only is the music creatively computer generated, but many of the beats are made with live instruments that Sneaky and Drunken Monkey play.
As you can see, the two form a diverse, productive and hard working union. Together they are ever expanding their horizons as musicians, as they met in a death metal band formed in high school and now they are on their way to becoming overly famous rappers. Given these very opposite influences, their fan base almost doubles in size since they appeal to a group that would not normally listen to rap. In fact many of their songs will


H.W.A. (Honkies With Alcohol)
-16 Track Album

3 Song DEMO
--We Came Here to Party
--Donkey Farm
--2 Crazy Honkies

Set List

The Hood Gang's set list includes over 15 original songs. In addition, the band plays over 30 fan-favorite covers from singles to themed melodies. The covers can be anything from Snoop Dog to Van Halen, and from Lil' John to Prince.