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"ThePressPlayShow Features Hoodie Allen"

- Christopher Truth

"Now Playing: Hoodie Allen"

When we posted Jamie Falkowski’s impressive survey of up-and-coming white hip-hop movers and shakers on Monday, we wrapped it up by asking you to tell us who we’d missed. You spoke, we listened; now, lend an ear to the Long Island duo of rapper Steven Witz and DJ Obey City…ladies and gentlemen, Hoodie Allen, represented with their smooth-rolling nostalgia trip of a single, “Back to the 50’s.”

Read more: http://www3.timeoutny.com/newyork/thevolume/2009/04/now-playing-hoodie-allen/
- Time Out New York

"Hoodie Allen "Making Waves" Mixtape"

I love getting awesome new music in my e-mail. Makes it all worth it after sifting thru all the bullsh*t. This comes from Hoodie Allen, a 21-year old MC and Producer Duo and full time college students (that's right, get that education fellas)! They describe their latest project, Making Waves, as "quality hip hop music with a pop sensibility" and I cant say I disagree. And while the music on the mixtape is dope, I'm especially loving the cover art. Very creative. And despite what you hear and see from music today, creativity is good.

http://www.superxofficial.com/2009/10/hoodie-allen-making-waves-mixtape.html - SUPERXOFFICIAL BLOG

"Hoodie Allen- Making Waves"

Big feature of the new Hoodie Allen mixtape on one of the biggest hip hop blogs. Received over 80 user comments.

- 2DopeBoyz (Blog)

"Hoodie Allen"

One of the homies from @WeAreHOODIE (Hoodie Allen) sent me this mixtape last night. Let me not front, Emilio Sparks put me on to this duo. Anyways, their new mixtape "Making Waves" is super dope. I'm not even gonna try to describe the sound because it's too fresh and I don't want fuck up...I'll let Hoodie Allen do that when I interview them...coming very soon. Once again, this mixtape is too illy, I fuckin co-sign HOODIE ALLEN, and if you don't download this, you're a cornball... okthxbye.

http://cliffskighwalker.blogspot.com/2009/10/hoodie-allen-making-waves-mixtape.html - Cliff Skighwalker (CLIFF NOTES BLOG)

"The fresh face of hip-hop"

When hip-hop duo Hoodie Allen took the stage Thursday in the Zellerbach Theatre, students stormed the stagefront, eager to see not only performances by big name artists, but also familiar faces.

For this year’s annual Fall Concert, the Social Planning and Events Committee To Represent Undergraduate Minorities hosted the Hoodie Allen duo as well as the Thornton brother hip-hop duo Clipse, rap artist Big Sean and Duke University senior and hip-hop artist Mike Posner.

Audience members heard hits from Clipse, including some of the duo’s unreleased material that appears in its upcoming album, “Till the Casket Drops.” But in addition to the already-popular music of Clipse and Big Sean, many students said they came to watch performances by artists from their own peer group.

Nursing senior Tiffany Mahuad said she came out to support her friend Steve Markowitz, Wharton senior and one half of the Hoodie Allen duo. She said she has been listening to his music since freshman year and was proud to see him perform for the community.

Markowitz and the other half of the duo, Tufts graduate Sam Obey, were greeted by chants from the audience before they even took the stage. The duo performed songs from their “Making Waves” record as well as new material.

According to Markowitz, he and Obey have been working together since high school. They appreciated the excitement and support of their fellow students.

“In this college environment, it’s nice to have students rally around one of their peers,” he added.

SPEC-TRUM co-director and College junior Ferrell Townsend said the committee tries to bring “new, up and coming” hip-hop and rhythm and blues artists every year, most of whom students have not yet heard of.

SPEC-TRUM co-director and College senior Brittany Minor added that historically SPEC-TRUM has hosted unknown artists who soon afterwards “end up blowing up” in the mainstream music industry.

“I’m not personally interested in music,” SPEC director and College senior Dasha Barranik said. “But I trust SPEC-TRUM to bring in some really great artists.”

Wharton freshman and audience member Andrew Weinstock said he “prayed for Mike Posner” to come to Penn when he arrived on campus in the fall. Posner recently hit number one on iTunes.

“I had a lot of fun at the concert,” he added. “SPEC-TRUM really knows how to bring in the great artists.”

http://thedp.com/article/fresh-face-hip-hop - Dana Tom for The Daily Pennsylvanian

"MTVu Best Music on Campus Award"

Hoodie Allen is one of the 25 finalists for MTVu 2009 Woodie Award for Best Music on Campus (and the only representative hip hop group on the list)

See us here:
http://www.bestmusiconcampus.com/contests/woodies2009b.aspx - MTV

"Additional Digital Reviews"












http://www.moose-hunters.com/2009/08/island-music.html - More Blogs Below featuring Hoodie Allen

"Deconstructing Hoodie"

From Strong Island, NY, duo Hoodie Allen (Steven Witz on the mic + Obey City on beats) are the new purveyors of summertime block party hip hop. Meshing that throwback 90s feel with a modern twist, they're on some interpersonal shit when it comes to the lyrics and on that next level shit when it comes to putting together potential classics. "Turn The City Around" comes across like a forgotten gem from circa-'98 that was overlooked then but getting love now. Laced with 8-Bit-Super-Mario-Bros-1-Up-keyboard motifs, Obey City has cooked up a beat that would've prolly flew over heads back in the day but has settled in nicely to the current hip hop environment. It's the kind of jam I want to hear at every party at that exact moment when EVERYTHING just comes together. "Passing Me By in '09" is their take on The Pharcyde classic complete with personal tales and even more wailing in the chorus.

Now I've heard Hoodie Allen being described as more "dorky white guy rap" which is an unfair and lazy assumption. Thinking outside the box when it comes to rap music will always make the puritans scowl, turn their noses up and pull out the "keeping it real" card. "Fuck that", I say, since Making Waves is a fresh and stellar take on hip hop enriched with positive vibes. Feels good, man.

http://rosequartz.blogspot.com/2009/10/deconstructing-hoodie.html - Gervin Puse

"Hoodie Allen "Making Waves" Review"

If there is one thing I can tell you all about this mixtape, it is that these guys are in fact “making waves.” If you haven’t heard about Hoodie Allen, then it is about time you do…
The kids out of UPenn know what’s up, there is truly no question there! They have this sort of new sound that is unique and something that I personally love listening to. If you have listened to Chiddy Bang (a featured group on the site), they remind me a bit of them, but with their own unique style and flow. The lyrics that they spit are straight fire, and they really know how to get their messages across, and don’t even get me started on the beats… Unlike a lot of new up and coming musicians, Hoodie Allen knows what’s up and they have the goods when it comes to beats. If you are into beats and sick lyrical flow, then the boys (Steve and Samuel) are someone you need to check out. Below, we will break it down track by track and give you our opinions on it. As you know, we will keep it real, give you our thoughts, and give you the grade on the tape. I am just going to warn you all, this is a must have tape, and something every Hip-Hop head should check out!

Hoodie Allen – Making Waves Track Listing Review:

Don’t Look Down:
Sick beat, has that lyrical flow that you don’t really see out of a lot of the up and comers. Sorta just a song to bump in the car, I’d definitely have this blasting in my car on the way to work or to school.

Chasing My Dream:
I’m all about chasing dreams, and Hoodie brings it hard on this one! Just an ambitious track, something that I would love to just blast when I’m in my zone, if ya feel me.

Turn The City:
Wow, where did this track come from!? This is some electronic beat stuff that I have been blasting out of the computer speakers for the past couple of days. This is Hoodie on their futuristic ish, if ya catch my drift!

Making Waves:
Arguably my favorite track on the tape, sick nasty beat along with some lyrics that straight up go hard. This is a song I’d give a listen to at almost any hour of the day. These guys know what’s up, and this track proves it!

Figure It Out:
Crazy how my two favorite tracks off the tape are one right after the other, but this one features some nasty beatage along with some crazy lyrical schemes. I really like this joint, expect this and “Making Waves” to probably appear on a TGLR playlist coming real soon.

Day Dreamin’:
There are same beats that just blow my mind, and this is definitely classified as one of them. I don’t think I have ever heard such a sick nasty beat, and the drums blend in perfectly with the lyrics that they are pounding out. Dope song, highly suggest spreading it around and showing your friends, this one’s a banger!

Friend Zone:
Woo, there we go! Everyone has been there, I am almost positive about that… Haha, anyway, this track goes hard, and they keep it real on their views on the “Friend Zone”.
Eddie Haskell:
Kind of a sick beat, I like the instruments that have been incorporated with the track and it really makes the song flow around. “I be doin’ it… I be rockin’!” Words to live your life by!

Passing Me By in 09' (Feat. Illustrate):
Man, they kick it old school on this beat, definitely loved this track. I got love for old rap/hip-hop, so this joint was something that I’ve been rocking for a while now.

Look Up:
The last track, so sad that the tape is over… I dig this one, not my favorite joint off the tape, but something to rock with, kind of leave me hopeful that I will be getting some more Hoodie in my system real soon! The beat grinds hard, and the lyrical flow is pretty sick, a solid way to end the tape!

So to sum it up, this is a great tape. I give it an A-, something that all Hip-Hop fans out there should be rockin’ in their iTunes and iPods. Trust me, Hoodie will be taking over the industry soon, just been on the lookout for when they start making even bigger waves (no pun intended) in the industry and on the internet! If you like the tape, or don’t, leave a comment, show some love to Hoodie, and share the music. Download the tape below, give us some feedback, and share Hoodie Allen with the world!!!

http://www.thagoodlifereviews.com/2009/10/30/hoodie-allen-making-waves-review/ - Tha Good Life Reviews.com


"Making Waves" (Mixtape October 2009)
"Bagels and Beats EP" (April 2009)

Both albums have received radio airplay on WSIA 88.9 FM Staten Island, Shade 45's (XM/Sirius Radio) The Press Play Show, as well as a host of college and internet radio stations.



It's 2:00 AM on a Monday morning and the boys of Hoodie Allen find themselves on the last Bolt Bus out of NYC. A weekend full of studio recording, meetings and networking is brought to a screeching halt with the reality that they both have a 9 AM Economics lecture the following morning. This has becoming the weekly routine for the hip-hop/pop duo as they balance their goal of making it big in music while finishing up their job as full time college students. It's a welcomed challenge that has taught the group firsthand the power of a college network and grassroots marketing in building a fan base. With a diverse set of influences ranging from Outkast to Hall and Oates, Hoodie Allen recently released their first full-length mixtape, entitled "Making Waves" which recieved 4000 downloads in the first 24-hour period--an impressive feat for some "unsigned, self-managed, college kids". Hoodie Allen, a MTV Best Music on Campus Finalist plans to continue spreading their catchy boom-bap hip hop stylings with shows supporting Big Sean (G.O.O.D Music), Mike Posner( J Records) and Clipse (Columbia Records)