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Hood Theory

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Just imagine Bob Marley hooked up with Marvin Gay and joined any classic sounding Hip Hop Group, mix in a couple of MC's as passionate, soulful and lyrical as anyone in the UK then ask King Tubby and J Dilla to produce it...


We are Hood Theory...

While not exactly known for being the centre of the Hip Hop universe, Bedford, England is where Hood Theory calls home. From a small (trust me i mean small...) smoky studio in the heart of nowhere a Jamaican, a British Indian and an Englishman try and make the most soulful, melodic, reggae inspired hip hop around right now, each track we make bumps with positive melodies without diluting that crucial raw sound of true Hip Hop

The first noticeable aspect of Hood Theory's tracks is The Passion HiFi's work on the beats. Forget your average "check out my keyboard" type of production. The Passion HiFi creates genuine soul music in its purest form. The beats have a warmth and honesty, and you can hear it in the end product, Passion has a real love for his craft. The drums bump, the samples are carefully chosen and placed, and a mood is set in such context that you cant help but succumb to the rhythms. Now what about the front men…?

If your idea of emceeing bliss is yet another misogynistic, angry, clichéd rant, then the two Hood Theory emcees aint gonna be your men, for starters to call Jon Pecos just another MC is blasphemy. The native Jamaican emcee has a flow that is thoughtful and lyrical yet it fuses with Switch’s staccato, passionate rhymes like a single consciousness. The topics are deep, and while they don't throw a dictionary of grammar at you, what they say is said and sung superbly. Ultimately they hope to create an aural environment that not only gets your head nodding, but also promotes a feeling of contemplation. From topics ranging from love to religion they hopefully can pull you into the groove of their music while the sweet melodies keep you hooked…You know that!!!

Despite out limited exposure we already have a large fan base throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

Mixtape Downloads 165,000 (3 yrs)
You Tube Plays 51,000 (first 4 weeks)
Website hits: 1,500,000 (19 months)

Hopefully the stats above highlight what a dedicated and eager following we already have.


Hood Theory - Faith In Yourself (Single)

In addition to the three tracks we have on our EPK we currently have six further tracks up on Myspace, Soundclick, Facebook and various other social networking sites that offer free streaming.

We are in the process of releasing our début single via Evil Twin Records (UK) and will be releasing our finished début album a short time after.

Set List

We can do single song PA's right through to a 1hr performance if required. We would obviously prefer the longer type of set to really have the opportunity to create some type of connection with the audience.