Hoodwink is an original power trio saturated with energy, honesty, and emotion with melodic hooks that take up residence in the mind. Their performance at the 2003 Midpoint Music Festival earned them a second place finish and attention from true music fans coast to coast.


Every so often, the planets align, destiny controls peoples lives, and everything falls into place. Such is the story of Hoodwink. There were a multitude of strange twists of fate that brought the three pieces of the Hoodwink puzzle together. Combining each members' diverse musical influences, Hoodwink has established itself as a high emotion live act fueled by infectious melodies and driving rhythms. Frontman, Todd Winston comes from a singer/songwriter background with a love for the honest beauty of artists such as Toad the Wet Sprocket, Grant Lee Buffalo, Jeff Buckley, and Nirvana. Bassist, John Distler, is an agressively melodic player with influences ranging from Allen Woody and Jaco Pastorius to Cliff Burton. As for Bill "Blue" Turner, Hoodwink's newest member of the band, this man is a rock and roll drummer--period. It's his ability to genuinely feel the emotions of the song and supply the appropriate dynamic that make him stand out. Sharing a mutual love for songwriting and determination to succeed, Hoodwink is poised to capture the attention of music lovers everywhere.


Don't We?

Written By: Todd Winston

If only one of us could light the flame, we wouldn't be sinking as we stand. Faintheartedly lamenting our demise, "I'm only one among billions."
So clean up this and feed us plenty--help us find our way, our way--don't we?
We stand for something, don't we? We're good for something, aren't we? We stand for something, don't we? no we don't.

In spite of all that history teaches, it's obvious we don't really care...no we don't.

Until it matters most of all, we hide our eyes in shame. I guarantee we'll wish we fought the good fight. No one wins. Don't We?

We stand for something
We're good for something
We stand for something, Don't We? ...NO

How It Feels

Written By: Todd Winston

sometimes i find it's hard to realize that we're only dreaming and that our lives are really just a lie we're spinning. ask me what i want and i reply, "how long can you make me numb." no matter it's never long enough...i'm finding hell.
the line dividing meaning from the grind is getting smaller as we learn to see to energy supplied--all around us. Ask me what i think and i reply, "Consider history--A Renaissance is right before our eyes." We're learning...

this is how it feels to be alive. i'm asking how was i supposed to know? well i'm learning... this is how it feels to be alive. i won't let on like i don't know.

Damning Martha

Written By: Todd Winston

neither wrong nor right, just drifting slowly. in search of life, she lost her focus, lost her sight. destructive vices, evergrowing everyday. goddamn those vices. God, damn them all away.

out by the bustop, lives a girl who lost her way. she feels only cold today, yet we choose to walk away.
Condeming martha, for all her sinful ways. goddamn you, martha---the righteous say you failed. i guess you failed.

one more wasted life

Condeming martha, for all her sinful ways, goddamn them all--all away
this is my only, this is my only, this is my only, one complaint---YOU


"Here's To Hoping" (LP) 2001 (Airplay on WAIF 88.3 F.M. , Cincinnati, OH and Bearcast Internet Radio, University of Cincinnati)

"1107 Alfred St" (LP) (2002) (Airplay on WAIF, 88.3, and WOXY 97.7 F.M. as well as streams on MP3.com) CD made available through CD Now, Amazon.com, and Best Buy.

"the faces of" (EP) Released in november of 2003, hoodwink's newest offering earned them a spot in the finals of the Budweiser/ WEBN/ True Music Contest two years in a row. "How it Feels," track 3 off of "faces," has received airplay on WEBN 102.7 FM and the band has just completed the shooting of a music video for the song to be released on DVD in the summer of 2004.

Set List

Depending on whether Hoodwink is opening or closing the show, their sets usually range from 40 minutes to 90 minutes. All 5 tunes from "the faces of" are usually included along with 5 brand new songs we are proudly recording in the summer of 2004. Sprinkle in an oldie or 3 from "1107 Alfred St.," and you have a good idea of a typical Hoodwink set. Here's the set we played when opening for Seven Mary Three at the end of 2003:

when conscience called
how it feels
don't we?
a view
ten minutes
damning martha