Littleton, Colorado, USA

A rock/pop/folk fusion, the band provides a sonic backdrop for original songs filled with emotional yearning and sometimes, joy. Lead singer/songwriter Laura, sings in a pretty lonesome voice, the kind that urges you to listen.


Strongly influenced by Lucinda Williams and Neil Young, the dynamic pair found eachother while playing at the legendary No Exit Cafe in Rogers Park/Chicago. Their connection was more than musical, and they eloped in the CO mountains six months later. Hooper was born. They moved to CO, where they rented a mountain chalet and began to record.

The poignant, simple lyrics entwined with catchy melodies, electrifying guitar parts, and a new rhthym section that just won't quit, might lead you to believe that Hooper is just a rock band. The truth lies in the couple's chemistry and their intensity as performer's, together, or solo. Something not to be missed.



Written By: Laura A. Hooper

These rusty wheels won't go
I'm out of fuel and water
You got so lucky this time
I guess you already know.

Why should I believe?
Why should I be sorry?
Yeah, you got so lucky this time.
I'm movin' on.


Yeah, if you don't mind
I would like to go on living
Leave it all behind me
So that I can be forgiven

When you walk away, walk away
like you always do, walk away
like you always do, walk away, or...
Finish what you start.

Oh, these rusty wheels won't go.
I think I'm gonna run for cover.
Yeah, you got so lucky this time.
Oh, but it doesn't show

Now, your tables are turned.
You've got everything you ever wanted
Don't you feel so lucky this time?
In and out of love.



Chorus out...

Enough is Enough

Written By: Laura A. Hooper

You said that you were leaving
then you put out the lights
I guess that you were saying

You said that you had your reasons
You were forced to tell a lie
Now, if you really believe that,
then alright...

I'll hold you close
build you up
I'll take you higher
Enough is Enough

You stole another season
Now, you wanna make everything alright
But you got off without thinking
that you crossed the line...

Now I'm strapped here to the silence of
your impending design
I used to wake up with a vengeance
now I don't mind

I'll hold you close
build you up
I'll take you higher
Enough is Enough

Then you came back smiling
with a message from above
now that you've been dancing
What do you love...

I'll hold you close
build you up
yeah, i'll take you higher
Enough is Enough

Yeah, you turn me on
But you can make it so rough
Oh, I'll take you higher
Enough is Enough

You said you'd never leave me
Now, go on, put out the light.


Currently mixing their debut album titled, ...So Blue, due out this fall! Disc will feature Tenderness Tonite, which made it to the semi-finals (one of four thousand entries) in the UK Songwriting Contest; also, What Went Wrong, which earned Laura a Runner Up, in the VH1 Save the Music songwriting contest.

Thank You EP - 2000

Set List

Don't Call Me Baby, Tsunami, Let Me Be the One, Tenderness Tonite, So Blue, Passing Thru, He Won't Call, Let it Go, Satisy Me, Starting Over, What Went Wrong, Enough is Enough, Wings, Thank you

45 min. sets, have played as many as four, prefer two. Some covers include: Counting Crows, Roseanne Cash, Carole King, Carly Simon, Leonard Cohen, The Jayhawks, Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris, Richard & Linda Thompson, Pink Floyd, Semisonic, Dolly Varden.