Hooray For Goodbye
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Hooray For Goodbye

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The best kept secret in music


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Hooray For Goodbye('s) first album "The Glass is Halfway Spilled" will be released in October



Hooray For Goodbye is a collective of three friends who share similar life stories, ideologies, and music but differ in personalities. All three members: have made it through adversity, near death experiences, are straight edge, beleive in hard work and self improvement and have a DIY attitude. One of the main things that originally bonded and keeps these three friends so close is their love of all music and bands such as The Clash, Public Enemy, The Cars, At The Drive In, The Beastie Boys, Iggy and the Stooges, Radiohead, Pank Shovel, Dagwood, Dinosaur Jr. Although these three members share a lot in common they all posses different personalities that separate them and compliment one another. G Slag is by far the most vocal member of the band, she is the band leader, and is never affraid to state her opinion. Marz may come off quite to those who do not know her but she is the most rational and sane member of HFG, she is calculated, creative, and cool. Spyridon is flat out crazy. He is severely hyperactive, and lacks a steady attention span. Spyridon is also extremely vocal but usually about things that do not matter much in the grand scheme of life, if anything he is the joker of the group always looking to get a laugh out of his band mates and lighten the mood.

The story of Hooray For Goodbye starts in Delray Beach Florida where G Slag met Marz fell in love and started a band called Pank Shovel. A few years later Slag met Spyridon while he was in Delray getting his life in order. The three went on to start the band Dork Star in 2003 but were forced to break up when G Slag and Marz moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue their dreams and the big city life. Over the years the three kept in touch and eventually Spyridon moved up to Connecticut to pursue a college degree. Being within such close proximity to each other the three decided to start playing music again with each other for fun. What may have started out as fun originally then turned serious when the three members realized that the music that they were creating was different than any other music they had previously done and was worth pursuing on a larger scale.

For Hooray For Goodbye Music is their main love. The reason why they play music is to pay homage to the bands that inspired them as well as to add their thoughts, opinions and music to the ongoing conversation that is music. The three members of Hooray For Goodbye if given the choice to be rich or to play music for a living and be able to live comfortably would always pick the latter because to be able to do what they love is to be rich.

What sets Hooray For Goodbye apart from other bands is not for them to decide. It is up to the listener to be the judge of that.