hooray for goodbye

hooray for goodbye


Hooray for Goodbye is an Brooklyn based rock band. The sound can best be described as melodic, powerfull, and emotional. The songs tell stories of life in raw and sometimes ungracefull terms. Exploring themes from regret and longing to redemtion and grattitude for the beauty thats all around us.


Breakout Brooklyn Rock Band Hooray for Goodbye features a hot line-up, melodic pop grooves w/ a hard edge.
Singer and lyricist Genny Slag (Pank Shovel), is a badass, but delivers her vocals with surprising vulnerability and an honest and emotional voice. Slag posseses a commanding stage presence and amped up Benzedrine like drive; her performance is eyepopping. Her style is uncompromising while her sense of humor is truly engaging.
Completing the lineup are the always unaffected Marz Mikeo (pank shovel) on Bass heavily tattooed, moody, and always Cool, a South Florida kid seasoned from her days throwing down grooves for the seminal Riot-rap act Pank shovel. Sora An is a force on Guitar ( Sora and the paisties) always positive with a genuine love for making music, she shines like a light. Completing the line up is the irrepressible always rock steady Wendy Kidd (Lez Zeppelin, Ziggy Starlett) on Drums. This outfit comes together like a dream, with a level of musicianship and a real sense of fun and revelry.
With influences as diverse as The Clash, Elvis Costello, Public Enemy, The Pretenders, The Stones, Dinosaur Jr, Hole, The Cars, Bowie, Stooges, Tom Petty (holla! Florida!), Concrete Blonde, REM, Radiohead, and The Cure, Hooray for Goodbye melds together their own unique sound combining contagious melodies, offbeat lyrics and an electric live performance that is unforgettable....


self titled debut album hooray for goodbye release date may 09. Hooray for goodbye's " Brooklyn girls" is currently airing on mtv's logo channel and here tv.http://www.logoonline.com/video/hooray-for-goodbye/344680/brooklyn-girls.jhtml?id=1604604

Set List

our typical set list is about 9 to 10 songs, and about 45 minutes long.
black and blue
all leaving trains
frost on the windows
never in my life
the best revenge
brooklyn girls
at least i haven't yet