Miami, Florida, USA

Eclectic pop/rock/blues influences, brought together by an energetic live show and a love of creating original music full of good vibes.


Based out of Miami, Fl, Hoosha has been recently awarded “Best Funk Band in Miami” by BestofMIA.com. This trio is a funk influenced alternative rock group that's not afraid to jam and have a good time. The local buzz generating about Hoosha is their outstanding musicianship as a trio and their high intensity performance.

Hoosha members; Bassist Kevin Tomas, Guitarist and Singer Daniel Ferrer, were introduced to their new Drummer Dani Munoz in 2009 by the producer of their first EP of which Stefano Rotati performed drums on. Daniel, Kevin and Dani have since honed in on their own brand of fast paced funk with an alternative edge. Their uniqueness is brought together by each of the members individual music influences ranging from Jeff Buckley, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Police, to name a few.

Hoosha completed their first EP, Cheap Elevator Music, Produced by Juan Gonzalez in early 2009. Currently the trio is finishing up their second EP, Homegrown, which is being tracked and produced by their drummer Dani Munoz.

Hoosha has played many influential venues that cater to the area’s local music scene and have found their niche by teaming up with other bands in the same genre. They have gained considerable momentum amongst a music scene that typically caters to the electronic and hispanic appetites, which is one hell of an achievement of its own.

Hoosha is a group that combines their skills to create a refreshingly original act liked by all music enthusiasts and is a must see live show! Come out and enjoy them jam side and share some foot taps and head nods.


Homegrown - Anticipated Release 2011
Cheap Elevator Music EP

Set List

Too Much
Dog Show
Asleep At The Wheel
Better Days
Say Goodbye
Things I've Seen
Down The Line

Prepared for two sets of 60 minutes.

Covers include:
Dave Matthews Band
The Police
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pearl Jam
John Mayer Trio