Hoover Dan

Hoover Dan


The alter-ego to a mild mannered four piece. Strong melodies that cant help but follow the drums.


Hoover Dans earliest beginnings could be set in an toyota truck parked in the alley behind the singers house.
Baby asleep, mommy resting, lights out, the only place left for Zack was the cramped cab of his old truck. This is where the melodies for the first few songs formed and it wasn't until he met up with Chris Agh and Brad Altavilla that the melodies finally began to take root. Faced with often dissimilar musical tastes the band found the process of writing challenging but the final songs making the whole thing worthwhile. Building a small but strong fan base in the party circuit the band emerged from the small practice space in Spring 2007 with a solid set of unique songs. The band began playing the local coffee shops and dive bars with the "play anywhere" attitude accepting shows alongside country, electronic and reggae acts. In mid 2008 looking for some new inspiration the band added Dione Carberry on bass and moved Brad to guitar and left Chris as is. The band draws influences from artists such as Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Silversun Pickups, Foo Fighters, Wilco, The White Stripes, Cat Power, Bjork and many many more


Self-released, self-titled demo: Hoover Dan

Set List

Sets are generally 8-12 original songs. This allows us to play for 25-45 minutes.
The Kicks
Dark Matter
Too Far
Marry Me
Do It To You
Dance Kid
Where's My Gun?
Late Greats