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Hoover's G-String


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Surviving 10 years in the indie rock business is no easy feat. After 3 albums, 2 EP's, and numerous songs on compilation CD's over the years, Hoover's G-String is approaching the decade mark with another full-length release and a growing fan base in the U.S and abroad. Opting for a true old school recording on their latest full-length Elephant Parts, Hoover's G-String packed up the van and headed to Knoxville, TN to record with Superdrag drummer and engineer extraordinaire Don Coffey, Jr. "No computers or click tracks or any of that stuff," says vocalist/guitarist Jeff Reinholz, "just an old-school studio where you crank it up and mess with the amps until you get the right sound." With guest appearances from Superdrag's Mic Harrison and Windbreakers guitarist Tim Lee, Elephant Parts continues the Hoover's G-String tradition of keeping it fun, keeping it rocking, and never losing their unique sense of humor.

Since the release of 2002's Crack, Hoover's G-String has been riding an upward spiral of activity and acclaim. Crack hit medium or heavy rotation on over 150 radio stations in the U.S. with top charting positions on 35 college stations. The band has enjoyed dramatically increased exposure in the last two years as a featured artist on XM Satellite Radio and the Bearshare file sharing network. MTV has also licensed Crack and Elephant Parts for use on the popular Real World and Road Rules programs, generating a steady stream of new fans from the MTV crowd.

But make no mistake--Hoover's G-String doesn't waste their time dreaming of rock stardom. The fun-loving trio enjoys their underdog status and the challenge of toiling in relative obscurity. With a large catalog of material to belt out live and a history of rocking houses large and small, Hoover's G-String continues its steady schedule of east coast touring with a healthy dose of festival appearances to support Elephant Parts.


Elephant Parts - 2004 (LP)
Crack - 2002 (LP)
Gargle - 1998 (LP)
Hoover's G-String - 1996 (EP)

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