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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Antithesis of Pretentiousness"

The goal was to "plug in and roll tape." Working with producer Don Coffey in Knoxville, Tennessee, the guys wanted to capture the sound and energy of their live act. Numerous kegs later, mission accomplished, yeah, baby. Well worth the trip.

Rock 'n roll and lots of Budweiser. On this, their third full-length, Hoover's G-string is fresh and funny. If you think I'm kidding, check out their promo material: the J. Edgar Hoover stickers, pretty in g-string and heels, though a bit hairy for my taste. Their straight up rock sound bears the same tongue-in-cheek feel, from the less-than-loving Bush tribute, "Go Back to Texas," to the sly "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," mocking the military's willful ignorance policy.

Lots of short, catchy tunes, very catchy actually. The antithesis of pretentiousness, they sound like a hard-workin' bar band. Songwriter Jeff Reinholz brings a pop sensibility, but I mean it in the nicest way. These arrangements are tight and guitar-driven, and drummer Bill Gatter burns. Even when they're not full throttle rockin', the threat is always there.

After listening to just a few cuts, I was thinking Springsteen. Jeff Reinholz sounds a bit like him, absent some of the raw power, so track number seven, his "I'm on Fire," was no surprise; a good cranked-up cover. But I was already sold. The instrumental "Sand Road Blues" and hard-driving "Sinking" had won me over with their slow burn changes. There's a lot to like here, even without J. Edgar in pumps. - Indiemusic.com

"I Gotta Tell Ya -- I Love It"

It's been a long time but HOOVER'S G-STRING is back and better than
ever. This band has always had the ability to take their pop in a
myriad of directions but on "Elephant Parts" they outdo even their
own high standards. Their guitar pop is so brilliantly diverse here it will
have fans of their sound drooling at the splendor on offer. At any given
time they are capitalizing on paths blazed by pop icons as dissimilar as

Ultimately, in spite of (or maybe because of) such rich influences, HOOVERS G-STRING ends up sounding like
nobody but HOOVERS G-STRING. Whether deftly navigating a Bruce
Springsteen cover or kicking out one of their own soon-to-be classics
like "Sweden" or "Catholic School Boy" or "Go Back to
Texas;" this is one band that knows what to do when armed with a
microphone, guitar, bass, and drum kit. Their music has a definite
edge, primarily because they keep it loose and jangling, but they still
manage to keep things easily accessible. Snotty yet smart. Humorous
yet oddly glum at times. I gotta tell ya, I love it. - In Music We Trust


As the album title might suggest this is an album about big things. Having formed ten years ago, Hoover's G-String might not be the most well-known band but they have forged a tremendous following within the underground indie rock world. They recorded "Elephant Parts" with Superdrag drummer Don Coffey Jr. The result is a dynamic rock-n-roll album that has already been licensed to MTV's "Real World" and "Road Rules" programs. Hopefully they'll finally get the major label recognition that they so deserve. Besides I want to see local bands succeed on a national level (they hail from Falls Church a mere twenty minute ride from me). And boy do they like their Budweiser as evidenced by the numerous cans of Buds pictured in their album. - smother.net

"RIYL: early Wilco, Bill Lloyd, Breakup Society"

Roots-pop trio Hoover's G-String may not be a household name, but after nearly a decade of releasing dependable albums, it seems the band likes operating away from the spotlight - hell, it says as much in the press sheet accompanying their third LP, Elephant Parts. The trio -- guitarist/singer Jeff Reinholz, bassist Jim Reinholz and drummer Bill Gatter -- have created a warm, friendly album that feels lived-in, from the chugging opening title cut, to the twangy middle of the album ("Sinking", "Drink to That") to the comfortable jam of closer "Got Balls". Elephant Parts is the sound of a band that simply digs playing together -- they're in it for the love of the game, so to speak. (Lone misstep: a sped-up cover of Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" that veers too close to Hayseed Dixie-type parody to work effectively.) Megastars, no, but with Elephant Parts, here's hoping that Hoover's G-String reach a few more ears. RIYL: early Wilco, Bill Lloyd, Breakup Society. - Pop Matters

""Hoover's G-String has put out a memorable album--the fun is infectious.""

Though the band has only been together for 10 years, the third full-length from this Virginia retro trio faithfully brings back the catchy melodies and musical fun of the early '80s. With a pop sound similar to 20/20 or The Knack and a vocalist (Jeff Reinholz) who has an incredible ability to mimic Springsteen, Hoover's G-String has put out a memorable album. There's some tongue-in-cheek humor here, as with a Bush tribute, "Go Back to Texas", the social put-down "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", and a Springsteen cover, "I'm On Fire", that any listener would swear really was the Boss until it launches into a sped-up version that sounds like Johnny Cash on crank. Hoover's G-String is a band that sounds like it's having fun in a local bar. This may not be a platinum album, but the fun is infectious. - Skratch Magazine

"It's Time They Received Their Due"

This Virginia trio has been slugging it out in the indie scene for a decade now, and it is time they received their due. The pop driven hookiness of their music has a visceral edge, combining maturity in songwriting, instrumental prowess and vocal strength with the raw power of wide eyed kids chasing the prize. Strong songs include the gutsy "Go Back To Texas," the seething but laid back vibe of "A Summer Of Monster" and the punked up take on Springsteen's "I'm On Fire." - Album Capsules


Elephant Parts - 2004 (LP)
Crack - 2002 (LP)
Gargle - 1998 (LP)
Hoover's G-String - 1996 (EP)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Surviving 10 years in the indie rock business is no easy feat. After 3 albums, 2 EP's, and numerous songs on compilation CD's over the years, Hoover's G-String is approaching the decade mark with another full-length release and a growing fan base in the U.S and abroad. Opting for a true old school recording on their latest full-length Elephant Parts, Hoover's G-String packed up the van and headed to Knoxville, TN to record with Superdrag drummer and engineer extraordinaire Don Coffey, Jr. "No computers or click tracks or any of that stuff," says vocalist/guitarist Jeff Reinholz, "just an old-school studio where you crank it up and mess with the amps until you get the right sound." With guest appearances from Superdrag's Mic Harrison and Windbreakers guitarist Tim Lee, Elephant Parts continues the Hoover's G-String tradition of keeping it fun, keeping it rocking, and never losing their unique sense of humor.

Since the release of 2002's Crack, Hoover's G-String has been riding an upward spiral of activity and acclaim. Crack hit medium or heavy rotation on over 150 radio stations in the U.S. with top charting positions on 35 college stations. The band has enjoyed dramatically increased exposure in the last two years as a featured artist on XM Satellite Radio and the Bearshare file sharing network. MTV has also licensed Crack and Elephant Parts for use on the popular Real World and Road Rules programs, generating a steady stream of new fans from the MTV crowd.

But make no mistake--Hoover's G-String doesn't waste their time dreaming of rock stardom. The fun-loving trio enjoys their underdog status and the challenge of toiling in relative obscurity. With a large catalog of material to belt out live and a history of rocking houses large and small, Hoover's G-String continues its steady schedule of east coast touring with a healthy dose of festival appearances to support Elephant Parts.