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Band Alternative Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Gig review Crawdaddy 2006"

Hoovers and Sledgehammers kicked things off with a punchy acoustic number, all about the 46A and things being animal, homage to Mr. Dempsey or pulling the rug from under him I wasn’t sure, but with the way the rest of this set panned out it didn’t really matter. Earl Mustard, the aforementioned Damomaniac, relinquished his acoustic guitar and retreated behind the drum kit, he was joined by a bizarre looking Igor Honey, sporting a gorgeous wet-weather rig out and wielding a Paul McCartney style bass. Interesting, I thought, and it was. Lyrical highlights included, “Nothing annoys me more than hippy chick with a guitar,”; “A man blows a saxophone in the United States, $100”; “Joyridin, doin’ time in a wheelchair,” and so on with the madness, all accompanied by syncopated beats and pounding bass. At one point things took a turn for the trippy as Igor whipped out a fretless bass and hit it heavy on the fuzz pedal Harry, and all the while some strange kind of Gregorian chant was issuing from behind the kit. Too odd for my blood I think but a brave and edgy show - Drop-D Ezine

"CD review Ask me Nicely"

Hilarious home- made Irish rock with production values so low none of you unhardened civilians should even risk exposing yourselves to it. After listening to about 150 nondescript indie albums in a row however, this truly is the stuff that keeps me alive. The four page track by- track commentary that comes with Ask Me Nicely is helpful: “I’ll Fucken Stab Ye You Cunt"is a very vicious song the lyrics are aggressive with the narrator having no hope no future and no feelings towards anyone not even his mother who he also stabbed.” The lyrics are equally unorthodox: Potatoes, carrots you could grow in me ears / But if I was naked, ah Jesus, I’d have you in tears! In conclusion Hoovers & Sledgehammers, your album is really, really terrible – keep up the good work please!
Butler - Mongrel Magazine

"CD Review S.O.I.Y.M.C"

The song titles alone should be enough to lure the curious to the latest selfreleased potty-mouthed horrorshow from ultraprolific dirt-rock DIY dirtbirds H&S. Curious? Here are some: 'Brian Eno's Anus', 'North Korean Pervert', 'Acting Casual On Tablets', 'Kerry=Tralee', 'Your Own Personal Gobshite'. Most, if not all, deliver on their promise.
Lucas - Mongrel Magazine July 2007


Hoovers & Sledgehammers/ 2004
Ask me Nicely/2005
Joyridin' /2007

Yes we have tracks on line to download from our website.



Members Igor Honey, Earl Mustard and Boris Pollenhands have been producing music since 2004 and have amassed a generous back catalogue of songs-5 albums worth, with each album averaging 30 songs or more. They played New York's Death Disco in September 2006 and BP Fallon thought they were great! Then he watched Igor undress in the lads toilet. They like fine whisky, Finland, Kylie Minogue and their songs to be mastered. They are currently working on an EP which will be due for release in early August 2008.