Hope Clayburn

Hope Clayburn


Hope's unique sax, flute, and vocal style combine funk, worldbeat, and gospel roots to create upbeat soulful jazz to move both body and soul.


"She began singing and dancing before she even had hair or teeth." This is what Hope Clayburn’s mother, Daisy, often says whenever she reminisces about Hope’s earnest beginnings in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Even now, Hope has that youthful energy and joy every time she sings and plays her saxophone and flute. Her musical dedication and versatility make her comfortable in a variety of atmospheres.

Hope specializes in jazz and soul saxophone/flute and vocals, but her music includes elements of rock, worldbeat, and gospel. Her latest ensemble, Hope Clayburn’s 2nd Booty Battalion, released their debut recording ‘Report 4 Booty’ in Oct 2003. The recording features southern fried funky jazz originals performed by musicians living in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The CD also features special guest appearances by Grammy nominated poet, Nikki Giovanni, and W.C. Handy award winning blues artist, Corey Harris. Hope’s performance on this recording pays homage to some of her favorite artists, including Marvin Gaye, Maceo Parker, Betty Carter, and Gil Scott Heron, combined with the eclectic sounds of her previous ensembles.

Hope began making her mark in music while attending the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. She started with local Afro-beat band Baaba Seth and the University of Virginia Jazz Ensemble in 1993 and soon began traveling to festivals and clubs along the East Coast. Hope then joined Connecticut based funk band, Deep Banana Blackout (DBB) in Aug 2000. DBB and Hope toured the USA extensively and they also toured in Japan, where they performed in the Blue Note nightclubs in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. They were also favorites at the late night sessions of the New Orleans' Jazz Fest. The band was featured on the cover of Nov 2001 Pollstar Magazine and was also a favorite on the growing ‘Jamband’ scene. Hope is now residing in Memphis, TN where she often plays on the legendary Beale Street. She hopes to focus more on solo projects that will include Memphis soul and blues musicians.

Between Baaba Seth, DBB and her various projects, Hope has had the chance to perform with an eclectic and prominent selection of musicians. The list includes musical legends like James Brown, The Allman Brothers, Bernie Worrell of Pfunk, George Porter Jr. of The Meters, The Temptations, The Tom Tom Club (Talking Heads members), to jazz giants David Murray, Bill Frissell, and Melvin Sparks, to current hot artists Govt' Mule, Karl Denson, Soulive, and Galactic.

Hope Clayburn is a rare artist with pure energy and style. She has grown and accomplished so much during her short time on the music map, there's no doubt Hope will continue to create exciting and innovative music.


Ghetto Right

Written By: Hope Clayburn

verse 1
Come on people
Let’s Ghetto Right
Never know who’s on your side
Just get ready for a long, long fight
No place left to hide

From the madness
From the pain
Inside of a crazy man’s brain
Unleashed in a blink of an eye
We’re the ones left to ask why
Oh lord no!

Come on people
Let’s ghetto right
Come on people
Let’s Ghetto right
Come on people
Let’s ghetto right
Ghetto right, Ghetto right, Ghetto Right

Interlude poetry written and read by Nikki Giovanni
‘I trampled the American wilderness,
Forged frontier trails
Outran the mob in Tulsa
Got caught in Philadelphia
And I’m still unreparated

I soldiered on in Korea
Jungled through Vietnam
Sweated out Desert Strom
Caved my way through Afghanistan
Tunneled the World Trade Center

And on the worst day of my life
Walked behind JFK
Shouldered MLK
Stood embracing Sister Betty

I am a Black woman’

Sweet Infinity

Written By: Hope Clayburn

It’s the kind of day
You wanna fly through the window
To try to escape
All your emptiness on the inside.

But outside your window
It’s always unknown
If you find yourself,
You got a new lease on life

And everything will stay
Just like you always left it
They won’t know we’re gone
To the one’s that loved you
When you were just like a baby
You will owe them your all

Bye, Bye, Bye
Goodbye my love, old life
The night lays in wait of your day
It’s like the night lays in wait of your day

Verse 2
And through the tangled jungles
We will, cut these deep fallacies in two
These eyes and ties and kind courtesies
We will learn to grow old,

Gently and sweetly you will
Be my baby
If you sign right here
Well, you got a new lease on life

An invitation to the voyages
You find yourself throughout this life
To send a postcard home
To ones that loved when you were my baby
You will owe them your all

Bye, Bye, Bye
Goodbye my love, old life
The night lays in wait of your day
It’s like the night lays in wait of your day

After the sun steps down from the sky
The stars will blossom with the fragrance of night
Before there was you
Before there was me
There was this sweet infinity.


Crazy Wheel
Baaba Seth 1997
ButrosButrosGroove Records

Live at the end of the world
Baaba Seth 1999
ButrosButrosGroove Records

Happy, Everywhere
Hope Clayburn demo EP 2000
Boobaloo Music

Feel The Peel
Deep Banana Blackout 2001
Flying Frog Records

Release The Grease
Deep Banana Blackout 2002
DCN records

Live At The Clubhouse
Tom Tom Club 2002
TipTop Music/BMG distribution

Report 4 Booty
Hope Clayburn's 2nd Booty Battalion 2003
Boobaloo Music

No Crystal Stair
Bella Sun (Memphis folksoul)
Hope sax and flute
Bella Sun records 2005

Here are the results from the Universal Jury
(Dutch soul band feat James Brown's Band)
Hope sax and flute
Presidental Dental Records 2005

more info at www.hopeclayburn.com

Set List

available upon request/varies show to show
setlist includes over 60 originals and cover songs