Hope Dialect

Hope Dialect


Hope Dialect's melodic and edgy style has won over audiences from major music festivals to small coffee shops alike. This four member band approaches music from a unique perspective formed from their eclectic backgrounds while offering thought provoking lyrics and innovative instrumentation.


Hope Dialect's inventive and unconventional style has won over audiences in major music festivals and intimate venues alike. This four piece band approaches their music be offering thought provoking lyrics and innovative instrumentation. Few rock bands have truly incorporated the sound of a violin into their music. Hope Dialect does so without making it a show piece or 'gimmick'.

While Hope Dialect sounds most like… Hope Dialect, a few other bands have similarities: the range of emotion expressed by Death Cab for Cutie, the stage presence of Lovedrug, the instrumentation of Cursive, and the progressive experimentation of Broken Social Scene. During the summer of 2003, the members of Hope Dialect: Art, Allan, Noel, Tyler, and Jesse decided that they wanted to play music full-time. However, to be worthwhile, this music needed to be music that was from their hearts and expressed their own passions. All five members are Christians, and wished to redefine stereotypes which follow those who believe in God and the music they play. For many years, the majority of music that carries the message of Christ, has shown little creativity.

The band’s determination and talents have not gone unnoticed. They have played with successful independent bands such as Anathallo, Saxon Shore, and Colour Revolt, while also playing with mainstream bands including Plain White T’s, Day of Fire, PAX 217, and many others on festival stages. Word spread rapidly in 2005 as Hope Dialect moved to Baltimore, Maryland and away from the small college town in Tennessee where they met at Union University. Hope Dialect is now on tour, supporting their debut album's release.



Written By: greenwood

Wait, wait for something, for something. Wait, wait for something, for something.

The days come back and I am silent to the memories of my mind. Regret holds me captive, with these dreams and whispers, from the fairy tale inside.

Colored panels on the windows of remembering
Grasping faintly at the shadows that mean everything
Stained glass mirrors, dark and shattered

Simple eloquence and elements are offering to the altar of my alter ego's empathy in this prison of nostalgia

The days come back...

Wiping mud away from eyes that only I can see
Staring straight into the brilliance of reality, present minded plain and simple

The routine of my existence only complicates words I'm writing on this paper as I formulate one more question asking me why

The days come back...

The days come back...

Prom Queen

Written By: greenwood

Misunderstood like a prom queen keep on saying what you don't mean as they watch as you go out the door and in the door and out the door.

You've got to put on your makeup for all the time that you take up with your energy that isn't on the ball the privileged all you take the fall.

Grab your shoes and your car keys, getting out to the movies, to a place where you feel close to fine you choose the time to lose your mind.

As you pack up your suitcase with your new clothes and your new face you can't help but think that all of this is more than this you shake your fist.

Words can be deceiving, don't be fooled by imitation consideration of your deepest fears.
He wipes away these tears of hate. He has to care or he wouldn't stare so deep.

Come a little closer, come a little deeper, come a little further look into my eyes so deep, so deep.

Don't let them see you fall, don't let them see you drown, don't let them take it all, don't let them turn you around, dont let them make you, don't let them break you, don't let them keep you searching researching for, don't let them deny you of all that you are.

Arms of My Father

Written By: greenwood

Broken arms of quiet stillness tend to cover me
Banished echoes of my soul
Careful polish makes the edges seem much sharper
But the rust inside still makes me cold

As I scream… Father free me from the questions I am asking
Nothing new beneath the sun
What is freedom, what is purpose, what is real?
The cries of a heart undone

The dirt beneath my fingers reminds me of my searching
I’m only living breath by breath
A time to cry, a time to heal, a time to lift my eyes once more
Another hit of crystal meth

But you said nothing can tear me away from the arms of my father…

She sits inside a wooden box of her devising
Bangs her head against a wall
She’s waiting for a knight in shining armour who isn’t coming
Softly damns her crystal ball

As she screams… father free me…

He’s broken in his body heart and mind
Why did he try so hard?
It only took five minutes for his dreams to fall to pieces
Alone in a construction yard.

But you said nothing can tear me away…

Not angels, nor demons, nor death, nor life, not papers, nor stalemates, not the blood on the knife. Not the height of the mountain, the depths of the sea, you or your arguments, not even me..

Nothing can tear me away…. From the arms of my father.


2005 - "The Hope Dialect"
2003 - "Sunset Syndrome EP"
2002 - "5.16.02"


Set List

We usually play 30 - 90 minute sets that include songs from the folowing list:

Save Me
Dante Trilogy
Sing Alleluia
Prom Queen
Midnight Prayer
Arms of My Father
I'm Yours
All I Ever Wanted
Hymn #1
Song For Paul