hope hazy

hope hazy

 Los Angeles, California, USA

hope hazy partners English rock with a French flare of Yann Tiersen's ornate melodies elevated by Queen inspired vocal arrangements and song-writing reminiscent of a score that paints fantastical worlds in a Tim Burton film.


hope hazy grew up internationally in a large family, inhabiting 11 u.s. states as well as several countries in europe and central america. raised abroad, she acquired a well rounded multi-cultural perspective of people and music. she remembers writing her first song at age 8 on a tree-swing in her grandma's backyard. a few years later, she picked up the guitar and couldn’t put it down. her drive and passion transpired into a steady determination to master the instrument. hope’s love for singing, writing, and playing instruments provoked her to earn her bachelor’s degree in music composition technology at ORU. during that time period, she also studied at a music conservatory in martha's vineyard off the coast of new england called "the contemporary music center." there she recorded her first body of music and later released this compilation of songs in 2002. she toured the following year across the u.s. from the east coast to the midwest to los angeles where she stayed and began a new life chapter.

upon arrival in 2003, she seized every opportunity to perform and in 2005, hope won the "los angeles music award" for “best song-writer.” this led to her next musical endeavor as frontman in a band she developed with previous manager, wogbe ofori, called “mela roos.” this particular project actualized a deep, heart-wrenching songwriting process that amounted to a raw rock repertoire that the band regularly performed. opportunities began to open more and more as hope started co-writing with esteemed producers such as kevin teasley, david huff, chris james, dave hummel and jeffery david. over the last few years, a large number of her collaborations were placed in feature film movie trailers, commercials and major network tv shows. these co-writes she was commissioned to do enhanced her ability to write in multi-genres and expanded her capacity to create fresh ideas on demand.

alongside her songwriting successes, hope's innate artistic purpose began to surface with vision, depth and intentionality through two specific encounters. while visiting family in rothenburg, germany, she had a magical moment absorbing the songs of three humble street musicians playing on the worn cobblestone road. she was hearing the language of her own soul. a few months later, she felt that same gut familiarity a second time while taking in the depths and beauty of yann tiersen's compositions. hope hazy had fallen in love with french music. this sound would be the vehicle with which she could now compose truthfully. moments like that are what every artist awaits. the moment in which one’s inner most being is exposed through the sound they’ve been hearing all along but never knew how to unleash. after immersing herself in french music for several months, she began writing songs in this new found genre. she took french courses at a local college and developed a respect for the french language and culture that accompanied her passion for the music. she rendezvoused with a native frenchman friend, julien fenton, who helped with pronunciations and translations of her lyrics. after the songs found their form and the language became more familiar, hope and her husband flew to paris for the experience that would then launch the recording process. the outcome product of this musical embarkment is her newborn record: "never the same [ jamais la même ]." after twenty years of writing, thousands of songs later, hope hazy's soul has found its voice in this opus of compositions. and life re-begins here. may you be [ never the same ]

hope hazy supported the release of her record "never the same" from october 2011 to january 2012 with a u.s. east coast tour that started in florida, went up the east coast to new york and then across the country back to los angeles. she is now performing in los angeles again regularly, building her fan base where she considers home.

here are some recent successes of the album's songs.

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anywhere you go

Written By: hope hazy

i’m not the same as i was when we met
and love’s not the game that we thought it was
but i’m here to stay for the long, for the whole of it
let’s not be in shame as we play at it

où que tu t’en ailles
n’importe où
je te suivrai pour toujours
je ne te laisserai pas partir
je te suivrai pour toujours *see French interpretation below remaining lyrics*

time is not the one to decide when we’re done
and life is the length that we’ll stay as one
and grace has a way to make light out of weight
let’s find and embrace her when heaviness comes

où que tu t’en ailles
n’importe où
je te suivrai pour toujours
je ne te laisserai pas partir
je te suivrai pour toujours

ooh sometimes i’m right,
but who cares if you’re not smiling?
sometimes i’m wrong, and i know it
but either way, when it’s hard
can we stay close beside one another forever?

anywhere you go
i will follow you forever
and i won’t let go
no i won’t
i will follow you forever

(Literal French:
wherever you leave
I shall follow you forever
I shall not let you leave
I shall follow you forever)

jamais la même [ never the same ]

Written By: hope hazy

have you recalled lately
the day that you chose me
as your one and only
always have and hold me,
have you?

je savais que je ne serais plus jamais la même

can you breathe my fragrance?
hear the rain on pavement?
can you taste my skin
inside your mouth once again?
can you?

je savais que je ne serais plus jamais la même

remember when you left me?
that day, i met my ending.
can you hear from up there as i’m calling,
can you? can you?

i knew then that i would never ever be the same

je savais que je ne serais plus jamais la même

(Literal French:
I knew that I would be never again the same)

bake them cookies

Written By: hope hazy

when i close my eyes
this is what i dream

i’d like to own
a little home
with a front lawn to mow
and neighbors to know

i’d bake them cookies
and i’d stop, stop, stop
and pick some daisies
then i’d rock, rock, rock
a-bye my sweet baby,
go to sleep

with thunder and rain
we’d play inside games
i’d sit on the window-sill
the kitchen is filled

with sounds of laughter
and we’d talk talk talk
about our passions
then i’d rock, rock rock
a-bye my sweet baby,
go to sleep

we’d speak of love
from one God above
and everyone’s soul
would be healthy and full

of steak (food) and reverence
and we’d soak soak soak
up each other’s presence
then i’d rock, rock, rock
a-bye my sweet baby,
go to sleep

oh sweet baby go to sleep

coldness comes

Written By: hope hazy

hard times have begun
they’ve only started
are they done?

don’t happen again
street of the wall
street of the main

mmm, quand le froid arrive
j’entends les tambours
mmm, quand le froid arrive
as-tu la chaleur
pour survivre

stand up and relax
on all the truths
not all the facts

look into the eyes
of those you cross
they’re your allies

mmm, quand le froid arrive
j’entends les tambours
mmm, quand le froid arrive
as-tu la chaleur
pour survivre

does it take a global famine
to surrender and examine
inner substance you composite
don’t withdraw now just deposit

coldness comes......
will we overcome?

mmm, coldness comes
i can hear the drums
mmm, coldness comes
do you have the warmth inside
you to overcome?

ton amour m'entoure [ your love moves that way ]

Written By: hope hazy

quand tu chantes,
tu dévoiles
ton coeur qui bat
j’oubli tout
sois en sur
ton amour m’entoure

quand tu parles
tes mots dévoiles
les secrets
de mon
ton amour m’entoure

safe and sound
inside this love we found
love we found
you and me
complete love’s company

when you sing
your heartbeat
i will lose it
just expect it
your love moves that-a-way

when you speak
your words leak
the secrets
of my lover
i take my cover
your love moves that-a-way

safe and sound
inside this love we found
love we found
you and me
complete love’s symphony

(Literal French:
when you sing,
you reveal
your heart which beats
I neglect everything
to be there
your love encircles me

when you speak
your words reveal
the secrets
of my
your love encircles me)


hope hazy
album: never the same [ jamais la même ]
1. beckoning
2. bake them cookies
3. coldness comes
4. jamais la même [ never the same ]
5. the pledge
6. ton amour m'entoure [ your love moves that way ]
7. anywhere you go
8. funny how
9. the turn
10. je ne me lèverais pas [ i shall not stand ]
11. palindrome
12. whether or not
13. the prestige

- all songs are streamable on spotify, facebook bandpage, and available on iTunes for DL, as well as the physical CD, available at www.hopehazy.com

Set List

1. anywhere you go
2. coldness comes
3. one of a kind
4. funny how
5. jamais la même
6. whether or not
7. both hands (ani diFranco)
8. bake them cookies
9. beckoning
10. the prestige
11. unless you show up
12. ton amour m'entoure
13. je ne me lèverais pas
14. across the universe (the beatles)