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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"Q & A Guitarist: Benjamin Hazlett - GIBSON GUITARS"

Any guitar players or bands out there right now that you are excited about? Who is blowing your mind right now?

Well, if I may, I want to mention three artists that have been the most inspiring and mind-blowing experiences I’ve had over the last several years.

First off, my wife is an artist and composer and she just finished her French/English record that I think is literally the most musical and inspiring thing I’ve heard to date. Hope’s record is like a journey in a Tim Burton film with glowing cinematic quirks you’d experience in a Danny Elfman score and the songs and melodies are completely addictive. She is releasing her album Never the Same on iTunes and in stores for an international release in the fall of 2010. The record has legitimately the finest musicians in Los Angeles involved featuring live orchestra with the most amazing instrumentation and arrangements. Hope is genius. - Gibson Guitars Interview

""On the Rise, Hope Hazlett" - JAYE Magazine"

(see page 51 in link)
Hope Hazlett is a singer/songwriter who aspires to tell a story and touch our souls through the wonderful world of music. Recently, Hazlett was standing in line at the grocery store when she flipped through a magazine. In a small caption, she found her dream had come true. Reality star and aspiring recording artist Heidi Montag was releasing her latest single on iTunes "Your Love Found Me" penned by Hazlett herself.
"I think most people would be upset by finding out that way, but I loved it." who was aware that Montag as well as a few other notable singers had been interested in her song.
The tune is a catchy, upbeat number describing how it feels to fall in love and the excitement it brings to "find" yourself through the experience.
"Writing for other people allows me to step outside myself and see the world differently," Hazlett explains. "I can say things I wouldn't normally say and tell stories that wouldn't relate to me as a performer, it's really liberating."
You can also catch more of her work on CBS's short series Harper's Island, and in an upcoming Microsoft commercial. Heidi Montag's newest hit, "Your Love Found Me" is available for download on iTunes. - JAYE magazine

"hope hazy's "bake them cookies" is ISC semi-finalist song"

hope hazy "bake them cookies" is a semi-finalist song in the International Songwriting Competition, one in which 16,000 people enter. - International Songwriting Competition

""hope hazy" interviews the Molly Damon Show"

Join Molly for a conversation with talented musician, singer/songwriter, Hope Hazy. We will hear about her recently released CD "Never the Same." You can purchase it on iTunes. Search for: Hope Hazy.

http://www.hopehazy.com/ - Molly Damon Show

"Santa Cruz Guitars features "hope hazy""

the lovely "hope hazy" joins Santa Cruz Guitars at NAMM as a featured, performing artist. - Santa Cruz Guitars


hope hazy
album: never the same [ jamais la même ]
1. beckoning
2. bake them cookies
3. coldness comes
4. jamais la même [ never the same ]
5. the pledge
6. ton amour m'entoure [ your love moves that way ]
7. anywhere you go
8. funny how
9. the turn
10. je ne me lèverais pas [ i shall not stand ]
11. palindrome
12. whether or not
13. the prestige

- all songs are streamable on spotify, facebook bandpage, and available on iTunes for DL, as well as the physical CD, available at www.hopehazy.com



hope hazy grew up internationally in a large family, inhabiting 11 u.s. states as well as several countries in europe and central america. raised abroad, she acquired a well rounded multi-cultural perspective of people and music. she remembers writing her first song at age 8 on a tree-swing in her grandma's backyard. a few years later, she picked up the guitar and couldn’t put it down. her drive and passion transpired into a steady determination to master the instrument. hope’s love for singing, writing, and playing instruments provoked her to earn her bachelor’s degree in music composition technology at ORU. during that time period, she also studied at a music conservatory in martha's vineyard off the coast of new england called "the contemporary music center." there she recorded her first body of music and later released this compilation of songs in 2002. she toured the following year across the u.s. from the east coast to the midwest to los angeles where she stayed and began a new life chapter.

upon arrival in 2003, she seized every opportunity to perform and in 2005, hope won the "los angeles music award" for “best song-writer.” this led to her next musical endeavor as frontman in a band she developed with previous manager, wogbe ofori, called “mela roos.” this particular project actualized a deep, heart-wrenching songwriting process that amounted to a raw rock repertoire that the band regularly performed. opportunities began to open more and more as hope started co-writing with esteemed producers such as kevin teasley, david huff, chris james, dave hummel and jeffery david. over the last few years, a large number of her collaborations were placed in feature film movie trailers, commercials and major network tv shows. these co-writes she was commissioned to do enhanced her ability to write in multi-genres and expanded her capacity to create fresh ideas on demand.

alongside her songwriting successes, hope's innate artistic purpose began to surface with vision, depth and intentionality through two specific encounters. while visiting family in rothenburg, germany, she had a magical moment absorbing the songs of three humble street musicians playing on the worn cobblestone road. she was hearing the language of her own soul. a few months later, she felt that same gut familiarity a second time while taking in the depths and beauty of yann tiersen's compositions. hope hazy had fallen in love with french music. this sound would be the vehicle with which she could now compose truthfully. moments like that are what every artist awaits. the moment in which one’s inner most being is exposed through the sound they’ve been hearing all along but never knew how to unleash. after immersing herself in french music for several months, she began writing songs in this new found genre. she took french courses at a local college and developed a respect for the french language and culture that accompanied her passion for the music. she rendezvoused with a native frenchman friend, julien fenton, who helped with pronunciations and translations of her lyrics. after the songs found their form and the language became more familiar, hope and her husband flew to paris for the experience that would then launch the recording process. the outcome product of this musical embarkment is her newborn record: "never the same [ jamais la même ]." after twenty years of writing, thousands of songs later, hope hazy's soul has found its voice in this opus of compositions. and life re-begins here. may you be [ never the same ]

hope hazy supported the release of her record "never the same" from october 2011 to january 2012 with a u.s. east coast tour that started in florida, went up the east coast to new york and then across the country back to los angeles. she is now performing in los angeles again regularly, building her fan base where she considers home.

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