Hope is Noise

Hope is Noise


Angular, discordish alt. rock, blending both melody and noise, through edgy guitars and snarling vocals. A band laden with demons, furiously trying to prove a point to themselves. Every gig being an intense self-liberating experience and performance.


Best New Cork Band 2005 - Cork Independent.
"At their best, they effortlessly blend noise and melody..." - Evening Echo.
" Think Idlewild's early angular sound coulped with Fugazi's prickly dynamics...a band who have found their sound..." - Cork Independent.
" A band capable of threading enough melodic riffs through their aggressive hard rock to make it more than accessible.." - Hotpress.

The Jazz Funeral Festival. Fred Zeppelins. October 2004. Cork. The band nervously toot to the stage, weighed down by excess baggage, a tremendous sense of not belonging, and a chip on their shoulder. This gig was a do-or-die situation, a last ditch effort to prove themselves to their local scene. Amid mocking cries of " Do you know any Nirvana?", they struck the opening chords, heads down, whites of eyes glaring at the crowd...

And so began the evolution of the band's sound and attitude, fuelled by a desire to break free from a past which had plagued them. This desire was vented mainly through the scalding bark of Dan's vocals laced with caustic lyrics of rejection, heartbreak and uplifting revenge. A new approach emphasised by angular, melody driven riffs, and intense self-liberating live performances.

Having gigged extensively, highlights would have to include playing the "Rubberfreshtival" rock festival in Austria in July 2005, headlining the JD Profile gig in Cork, getting in the van and touring around Ireland as well as being semi-finalists at this years Murphy's Live Event. The band have also been asked to appear again at the "Rubberfreshtival" this July appearing before the headline band on the first night. A slot was also secured at this years IMRO Showcase in Cork.

The band have released 2 EPs to date..."Words to burn you2 in April 2005, produced by Robbie Sexton of Blink and the currently released "The worm has turned", produced by Ciaran 0' Shea of Cyclefly.

...the band that night became Hope is Noise, made friends and fans, returning the following year to headline the first night of the festival. Demons exorcised? Not yet.


"Applaud friends...the comedy is over" LP 2007
"The worm has turned" EP 2006
"Words to burn you" EP 2005

"Two gods short of my trinity" from our 2006 EP, and "Lions led by Donkeys" from our recently released album recieves almost weekly airplay on the "The green room" show on 96fm, and has also featured on the "Green on Red" show on Redfm.
" Dancing with Johnny 5" from our 2005 EP, was on the daily playlist on the pirate station Freakfm, before the station was recently taken off the air.

Set List

Setlist would be around 40 mins long, consisting usually of the following 9 songs...

1. Schoolboy Error
2. Lions led by Donkeys
3. King of my own reflection
4. Two gods short of my Trinity
5. Dancing with Johnny 5
6. 4 eyes and no brain
7. My head is in the clouds, my feet are in your face
8. Subtitles
9. I should have hit you harder