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Hope & Social


Hope & Social are “possibly the most complete band ever” (Tim Hornsby – Duchess/Fibbers). Inventive and curious; in turns restive or fired with passion; fiendishly hard to categorise yet perfect for any record collection in the land.


They talked of Springsteen and Arcade Fire. They talked of Astral Weeks and Bowie. And they talked about making something that matters. Distilling the sound of classic albums thirty years ago brought bang up-to date; part call-to-arms, part lament: dark but exalted - brutally frank guitars Married with soaring and honest vocals. Add an ancient 'knees-up' piano and a '73 Rhodes, and you're getting close. We've seen the new H&S; still unmistakable but with more depth, and more spark, more calm and more storm. One of those bands you should see before you die.” – The Duchess, York

......life, for Hope & Social, started one drunken night in the Grove pub in Leeds in April 2007; a place indicative of modern England: a traditional pub hemmed in on all sides by Leeds’ garish glass giants and the cement palaces of new-wealth. Hope & Social wanted to create something to reflect this, something more than just a set of songs but a statement on English culture. Singer Simon Wainwright reflects:

“Sieved from the malaise of many a drunken rant we had some kind of idea of what we wanted to talk about: of Englishness and home and what it means to we five. Of simplicity and customs, and of God. ‘If it feels good turn it up’ / Fender Champ / a long list of drum fills / a child's accordion... All these things were thrown in the pot and we melded a selection of songs that I have never felt so excited about. They are real and they are us.”

Since forming, they have recorded and released their debut EP and finished an album, played key dates around the UK including headline sets at the Barfly and Water Rats in London. Their current EP, (July 08) received some fantastic reviews including the accolade of “Album of the Week” status from www.themusicmagazine.co.uk and plays on 6 Music as H&S have become a regular feature on Tom Robinson. Channel M TV in Manchester also features on H&S, devoting a full 30 minute show, a “Hope and Social Special” to the band. See it here:


Hope & Social are currently working on videos for the album release as well as planning March and June 09 tours, including televised dates on Jack Daniels’ illustrious “JD Set”.


Hope & Social EP released in July 2008
Forthcoming album due for release Spring/Summer 2009

Set List

Depends on the show.