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Hope Station

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Now for the next one"

7/10 HOPE STATION – COLD OUT HERE (NOW HEAR THIS!) - If you’re a fan of the intermittently productive Hope Station project – singer-songwriter Antony Adelaar’s one-song-at-a-time building of a so-far impressive catalogue – you’ll be thrilled that Cold Out Here has finally arrived. His model, which involves releasing a single as often as one gets completed, rather than putting together a full album, is in line with many modern industry models, and, as such, the song is available on a number of digital platforms, including last.fm and iLike. The track’s subject matter has to do with the realities of youngsters leaving a difficult home situation to try and find an ideal that doesn’t exist – hence “there’s only cold out here for you.” It’s more engaging stuff than you’ll find in most pop-rock, and it’s some of the subject matter that enthusiastic new media manipulator Adelaar discusses on his forums on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. As with previous singles, there’s a hint of Del Amitri, but Adelaar has updated his sound with the addition of subtle electronic elements. The song’s already received airplay, proving that there’s more than one way to skin a playlist compiler. – BD - The Citizen


Cold out here
Over you
What am I to do?
Version of me



Every now & then, Antony Adelaar records & releases one of his tunes which would otherwise have stayed in that file on the first shelf. The project is called Hope Station & is based in Johannesburg.

2010 sees the completion & release of 'Cold Out Here'. When asked if the release was planned to coincide appropriately with the South African winter, Adelaar says "We actually just couldn't get organised enough in 2009." 'Cold Out Here' is a guitar-driven pop/rock tune with a hooky groove & unexpected dynamics. "The tune sat in the file for a few years before my vision for it grew to what it is now." This is the fourth single to be released by Hope Station which was formed in 2005.

On the content of the song: "The lyrics were inspired by something I spotted while sitting in Westcliff traffic one winter morning - a kid walking unhappily & purposefully with a plastic bag in her hand & I imagined the scene where she had grabbed some stuff & stormed out of the home, after a fight or something. I wanted to be able to tell her that it would be okay, & things were probably tougher on the outside, where there was only cold for her..."

The single was composed & arranged by Antony Adelaar who also put down all vocal & guitar tracks. As with previous singles, talented friends were lured into the studio to help with additional instruments. The tune was mixed & produced by Ralph Martin at The Cry Room & mastered by Rogan Kelsey at Lapdust.