Hopethorns formed in Nov 09, began performing in Jan 10, and then recorded their ep by Apr of that year, but wasnt released until months later They spent months playing for out of town bands, and local bands alike. Their cd spent 2 weeks in the #4 spot at CJSW in Calgary (weeks of jan18 & 25 '11).


The age differences in our group make collaborating really interesting. Hopethorns members are fans of almost every genre of music, and their live shows demonstrate that. Influences will be worn on your sleeves... to that we wouldn't argue, but there's no need to be a 'coverband coverband'. It's enough for us to give each song it's own life, to try to generate enough difference from track to track to keep us interested, and in turn our audience. Save for one, each member is a multi-instrumentalist, which also makes for some interesting discussions during writing, but there are no egos, so we persevere.



Written By: hopethorns - jay mudie

The cable is on the fritz again
That's ok, you've got a movie
You use the TV to measure your fear in years
MJ and beer for feelin' groovy

It's another night signed off
With sighs and tears
In your little middle class struggles
All I'd ask you - all I want to know is...

Come on tell me what the fuck were you up to
Come on in, come on give me a clue
Come on tell me what the fuck were you up to
I need to know so I can bury the truth

There was a demon in your closet
Now it owns your tomorrow
So I guess I'll never ever know
What it was that made you think that -

You could rinse your sins away,
With a garden hose in your basement
Oh what whispered mystery your blue face meant
Oh what twisted history your blue face meant

What tale, what boldness, what cold belief could even try
To banish the pieces of this heart that wonders why?
What frame, what border, can complete the picture I
Still have of you, hanging in my mind?

Coral Sea

Written By: hopethorns - jay mudie

Maybe I'm floating face down in a coral sea
Aren't these just visions I let tempt and taunt me
These underwater rainbow colored clouds - they haunt me
As if I am floating face down, in a coral sea.

My beautiful bride, she's dead to me.
And I thank the moon and the tide for, faithfully bearing me.
And these shells and shell casings -
My company as I am floating endlessly.

Blood... in the water
And word too of sharks came to me
By my friends, and by the faithful
Or so they were, before this - supposedly

I... recognize an old tattoo as it floats by
As my own, as my own, as my own.

If my voice sang real of truth & duty
What care I if I drown, in a space so pure?
And then she wears the crown, of grace and beauty,
And it's merely an eternity that I need to endure.

My Judea I

Written By: hopethorns - jay mudie

Ain't it funny how we pretend,
That this is our first time?
Do we do it just to get by?
For awhile it seems, we'll reach the end.

But it's hard to tell if we're tripping.
Harder still to tell if we're slipping.

Looking through these dead cold mirrors,
We may see much brighter futures.
Pay attention now we'll make this easy
You know fucking up just means we're crazy...

If I set fire to the sky, would you be my atom bomb?
If I can't die before I die, at least be my Babylon.
Transformed by knowledge that left my arms
So open wide... My Judea I, My Judea I.
Why did you get high?

Is it the light that makes you shiver,
While you wonder for the other?
It takes some time to get it together,
Searching with these eyes that see forever.

Lights Out

Written By: hopethorns - jay mudie

As the dream flits across my eye
No more tears for me to cry
One last star to fall from the sky

And then that it, it's done, it's finished
Lights Out
So move on, we're gone, we're done,
Lights Out !

If I could take upon myself such suffering
If I could take upon myself such things as these
If I could see just what this is,
What love this is.

No - that's it! It's done! It's finished!
Light's Out!
So move on, we're gone, we're done,

Golden Age

Written By: hopethorns - jay mudie

For a small sum, they can name
And share how to improve,
The finer points of this delusion
While we are ripe for the abuse.

Is this our Golden Age?
Precious lives were lost on return mission from Mars
And president found dead,
In wife's mistressses car.

When you go home it follows you,
Not the hope but the issue.
The media security offering is grave
It's not the stasis that you crave.

Is this our Golden Age?
Precious lives were lost , determined to make war
And leave the oceans dead,
Thank you brand new dinosaur.


hopethorns - ep

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Coral Sea
Lights Out
My Judea I