The Hope Trust

The Hope Trust


The Hope Trust is a mix somewhere between Summerteeth-era Wilco, and Neil Finn. Any fan of either would feel right at home with The Hope Trust playing through their iPod. There is a blend of the American folk-idiom, mixed with great pop sensibilities. There is something in the songs for everybody.


The Hope Trust started as the working moniker of Kelly Upshaw, but as things evolved, as did his vision for the sound, the band was created. The band consists of friends that were in previous bands together, or were mutually appreciated prior to The Hope Trust.
The Hope Trust had a previously released self-titled EP, prior to “The Incurable Want.”

“The Incurable Want” is the collection of songs Kelly had written while living in Brooklyn, NY. The record was recorded in Denton, TX as the guys cooped-up for a month in a house putting it together. It was mixed by long-time collaborator Erik Herbst, at The Panhandle House in Denton, TX, and was mastered by Jeff Lipton, in Newtonville, MA, who is also responsible for mastering such bands as The Pernice Brothers, and Calexico.

The special thing about The Hope Trust is that it’s a band of friends that love to do what they do, and would keep doing it regardless of others’ interest. With the so-called “Indie” scene muddled with bands clamoring to be the next take on yesterday’s news, The Hope Trust is quite refreshing in that they just want to make good songs that you will want to have stuck in your head.


The Hope Trust - EP (out of print)
The Incurable Want - LP

Set List

The Hope Trust typically play from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Set lists usually include songs from "The Incurable Want," and previously unreleased or new songs.

-Break You Down
-Run It Through
-Whatever Suits You
-Two In The Bush
-Ok, Alright
-Parting Shot
-Don't Want to Fight
-World Without End
-Mountain I Can't Climb
-Going Home
-Play It In Reverse