Hope Vitellas

Hope Vitellas

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Hope Vitellas's music is seductive, melodic, dirty pop rock best described as the moment before a first kiss. The music is dynamic and driven. The lyrics are passionate and honest. The performance is engaging and unadorned. Vitellas has a unique sound and takes a fearless approach to songwriting.


Singer/songwriter, Hope Vitellas, hails from the midwest, USA. She has been referred to as "having a voice that could melt steel" with her engaging lyrics and unforgettable and unadorned melodies. After gaining popularity in her local music scene, she moved to NYC where she released her first self titled solo album and played acoustic shows through out the city. No sooner, she was opening for national acts like LP and The Moldy Peaches, and getting radio play through out the midwest.

In 2005, she teamed up with producer Joe Viers and started the recording of her latest project. Now the cd, soon to be released, contains top hits like Bye-bye and Picture Frame which are heard on the air waves all around the midwest.


Hope VItellas releases a 5 song EP with producer Joe Viers. The EP includes the single "Bye-bye" and "Picture Frame" which are heard on the airwaved throughout the Midwest.

In 2004, Vitellas also released a 7 song acoustic record and Hope-live in October.

Set List

Vitellas's set list is designed for flexibility. From 30 minutes to 90 minutes, Hope's set allows them to play as an opener, headliner or in a festival format. A typical set list is as follows:

Velvet Morning
On the Breeze
Picture Frame
CD on Repeat
Flying High
Girl 34
Never on New Year
Kelly Song
Dirty Girl

New songs are added on a regular basis.