Free flowing, Jam Based, Guitar driven, songs. with a strong rhythm section, and plenty of organ and piano.


I've been told!!!! That this My big chance to describe to you just what exactly our band is like, Whell. The way the old joke goes is ..... What do you call a dysfunctional family that chooses it own members........ A Band .... ha ha ha. Whatt!!!...... A Wise Man said that a Band is a circle no beginning and no end just seamless continuance. That is Exactly what we are trying to. Unfortunately this is the hardest thing in the world to do! ....... In the mean time, there are always plenty good times and tunes in between. Hope You're with Us when we get this accomplished.

P.S. The Smile is always Free !!!

Influences - Phish, The Allman Bros., The Motown Sound, Santana, Neil Young, Pink Floyd,The Black Crowes ,and Bob Dylan.

Not To Mention- Galactic, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Meters, Gov't Mule, The Dead, Eric Clapton, C.C.R., Rory Galhager, Doc Watson, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, & the Stones


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Set List

The set is 1 to 3 hours of pretty much non stop music. Mostly Orginal with the ocassional cover.

Feelin Alright
Wish You Were Here
Down by the River
Deep Elm Blues
Who Knows