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Inspiring, Energetic, Poetic, and Strong~ Words that have been used to describe this MC and wordsmith that hails from the sunny city of Los Angeles. H.O.P.P., (Hip-Hops Own Personal Politician) brings forth a clear conscious for Hip-Hop, with strong stage presence and awesome delivery.


H.O.P.P. Bio09
1977 Management
Hip Hops Own Personal
Born to Do This
H.O.P.P. from childhood has
recognized that there’s something
obviously different about himself.
Whether it was running around the house
creating characters and radio personas or
demanding that his family be an attentive
audience to his one man plays, the kidd
was certain he would eventually have all
eyes on him. His parents, Larry Sr. and
Rose Dorn, recognizing his natural
charisma made no hesitation; they
introduced H.O.P.P. to the stage. No
turning back.
After making a few guest starring roles on
shows like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and
performing with several community theater
groups, H.O.P.P’s ear leaned toward music.
Initially his sights were set to become a
producer and aspiring record label owner; he
was definitely a creative thinker to be
fifteen. H.O.P.P.’s focus quickly turned to
artistry however after meeting Jayou of The
Mighty (Gents), a then duo, mirrored after
the likes of the 80’s hip hop phenomenon
Run DMC. The kidd was adopted as the
“prince” of The Mighty (Gents) and his in
depth study of true Hip-Hop consciousness
and the esthetic began.
Since then, the now 22 yr old performer has
defined his own road to hip hop; embedding
rich texture, catchy melodies, conscious
lyrics and a delivery that’s comparable to
the precision of a skilled marksman. As a
performer, H.O.P.P. has been known to
trigger energetic sto rms when hitting the
stage. A magnetic force, the kidd draws you
into the heart of the story he’s lyrically
conveying. Because of his humble and
poised demeanor most consider it a
complete 180 contrary to the solemn guy
you meet on sight.
An artistic visionary, his music reflects a
true lyrical essence, something most feel
is missing from hip hop today. H.O.P.P’s
spitfire delivery paired with words and
melodies that reflect integrity and strong
beliefs, immediately separate him from
lyrical mediocrity. His energy packed
performances send a strong message that
his “becoming” is his “calling” and not just
a bright Idea. He calls his performances
the living testimonies to his music.
Whether it be stories related to his parents
rocky road to marriage, the struggles of day
to day living or anecdotes about finding the
right girl, songs like, “Deny That” which
celebrates his love for God even as a hip hop
artist and “I Aint” a tune that’s graduated the
kidd onto the “main stage” of hip hop as a
valid voice captures a candid and honest
view of H.O.P.P.’s life.
H.O.P.P.’s music is an all ears affair. From
the campus kid anthem, “Swagga” to the
riled jump off “Just Shake”, the kidd is a
guaranteed answer to the most soluble hip
hop pallet. And if that weren’t enough, his
R&B gene kicks in heavy when crooning the
soulful “Rain Drops” and whispering lush of
“God Only Knows”.
It’s safe to say; H.O.P.P.’s heart is rooted in
music, his thoughts are clear, his passion is
deep and he was definitely, Born to Do


Make it
Slow Down
God Only Knows
I Aint!

Set List

Make it
Slow Down
God Only Knows
I Aint!
Driven for the Drive