Novato, California, USA

Raw guitar driven music where Americana meets the Garage.


Hoptown is a trio from the San Francisco Bay area. The current lineup has been performing together since 2007. Led by guitarist/singer-songwriter Roy Elder, the rhythm section is powered by half bothers, Alex Kamages and Hugh Hunter. With their collective music experience spanning over two decades, these three guys tap into every influence that has crossed their musical paths. Roy grew up in Detroit and was playing bass in punk rock bands early on in his career. A move to Ann Arbor and a deal on an upright bass got him playing in bluegrass bands. After moving to California, Roy was turned onto Steve Earle and Alejandro Escovedo. After that, there didn't seem to be any reason to define a sound around one style. Alex and Roy hooked up in 2005 and played off and on on various projects in Marin County. It was while recording Roy's music that Alex pushed to start playing out. Hugh was brought into the project on bass and HopTown was born.

As a band, HopTown is proud of the raw guitar driven sound that has come to define them. A HopTown show will feature both electric and acoustic songs in a mix bag of originals and interpretations. The music is always solid and intense. There is no extended noodling coming from these three guys.

Some of HopTown's influences include Frank Black, Buddy Miller, Alejandro Escovedo, WallFlowers, Steve Earle and Iggy Pop to name a few.


Fly High

Written By: Roy Elder

So I don't make big plans; Just some direction and nothing else
No day by day itineraries, would bring me down
I take a day I tune up my truck; Pack my home under its shell
Pots and pan and a cooler; And a few books off my shelf

Yeah, I fly high like an eagle and I'm soaring
Watching landscapes slowly pass by
Digging deep into the heartland
As I drive down the highway

My guitar's my companion; Paper and pen are my friends
Just me and this old highway oh the road it never ends
Hear the wheels drone against the pavement
Feel the wind caress my face
My arm is tanned from hanging out the window
There's the sweet smell of desert sage


I pull into some small town; Find the local saloon
Face down the stairs of the locals
And I get up on that barstool



HopTown LP(2010)

Two Lane Highways
Second Chance