I was born in January 8th 1977 in Buenos Aires Argentina. When I was just 5 years old I’ve heard on radio Paul McCartney’s Pipes Of Peace and I went to my mom asking her to show me more of Paul. She took the LP “The Ballads of The Beatles” and showed me the song “Yesterday”. That’s when I knew I was born to be a musician. I started to play drums with an armchair and some sort of drummer sticks, but since buying a drum set was very expensive and noisy, I never had one so at age of 8, I found an old nylon strings guitar and I started to learn playing by ear, listening and playing some Beatles songs. I kept practicing and learning till I debuted on school stage when I was 13, playing with a high school band that never had a name. One year later I met Nicolas Russo, my lifetime and best friend ever. Both together began to compose some songs and we founded our first band that was called Artemisa.

I was 15 when I got hired to work at Panda Studios as Recording Engineer Assistant and that was when I got very important knowledge about recording techniques. Working at Panda I had the chance to join many productions from famous Argentinean Artist like Charly Garcia, Curly, Leon Gieco, Celeste Carballo, David Lebon, Alejandro Lerner and many others. About live performing nothing interesting happened in those years till in 1996 I founded my first Beatles Tribute Band named “The Beastes”. This band was awarded with an honourable mention in 1997 being “The Best Guest Beatle Band” at the “30 years of Sgt. Pepper Exhibition”. One year after, Pete Best, the first Beatle drummer, came to Argentina to perform at “Coliseo Theatre” asking “The Beastes” to play as a guest band. This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life, playing with a mythological musician and talking with him about those things that any Beatle Fan would love to know about. That year we were invited to perform at The Cavern Club Buenos Aires inauguration, but one year later, after the first Cavern Club Buenos Aires anniversary I decided to leave “The Beastes“ cause I need to compose and play my own repertoire.

That’s why I founded Soundshine in August 24th 1999. Although Soundshine played many Beatles songs, I composed and introduced my own songs to our repertoire. In October 14th 2001, The Cavern Club Buenos Aires in alliance with The Cavern Club Liverpool organized the 1st Latin-American Beatleweek. Dave Jones, owner of The Cavern Liverpool and Julia Baird (J. Lennon’s sister) came specially to choose the best 2 bands to take them to play at the Beatleweek Liverpool 2002 and Soundshine was one. Unfortunately Soundshine could not reach the dream because of the economical crisis that exploded in December 2001 in Argentina. In spite of that, the band kept on playing and performing at so many different places, but in 2003 Soundshine dissolved definitively.

My last contact with the Beatles tribute world was in September 2003, when I’ve been called to organize and perform with the first Anglo-Argentinean Band at the 3rd Latin-American Beatleweek. Argland was a big success and months later were awarded by The Cavern Buenos Aires Awards as The Best International Band 2003. But that was the awards year, and I won the "IMAGINE John Lennon for Peace Award 2003" for my live career.

But composing and creating original music was still being the most important thing to me, so I left stages and I mounted my home recording studio and I started to produce some original tracks. Day by day growing and getting experience not only as a composer but also as producer. That’s when I met my partner Cristian Larrosa, an entrepreneur singer who won my respect when I saw his capabilities to see the life as a glass half full. My talented partner Cristian and I decided to establish a society of two, working together producing music for games, filmscoring, advertising jingles, karaoke tracks and more for companies around the world.



Written By: Horacio Fiandra (Horace)

Dreaming (Horace)

How good would it feel to be your love?
I just can imagine that…
I feel like a candle under rain
At every time I see you’re there…

And I only wish that you could be
Not just a picture on my desk
Though I know you’re real beyond my dreams!
I’m only dreaming to forget that you are not mine.

And I’m free while I’m running through your body
Your skin is the world I’d want to be in….
In a velvet sea my ship is sliding straight to your love.

In your dance I let my rhythm flow
I follow your pattern step by step
I cannot stop beholding all your moves.
The way your body invites to fly!

And I’m free while I’m running through your body
Your skin is the world I’d want to be in….
In a velvet sea my ship is sliding straight to your love.


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