Horace Pickett

Horace Pickett

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Horace Pickett brings a much needed energy to the stage that is lacking today. The audience will not forget a performance by Horace Pickett and will find themselves singing along by the end of the night.


With Deliberate Tone, Clever Construction, and Stand-Alone Musical Vignettes, Horace Pickett continuously creates Attention-Capturing Music, Glamorous Stage Theatrics, and an overall Memorable Performance.

Horace Pickett has been compared to They Might Be Giants, Devo, T-Rex, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Sparks.

Horace Pickett was formed in Grand Rapids, MI and migrated to the Northwest in the Summer of 2009 and has been building a following ever since.


The Talking Tree

Written By: Horace Pickett

I went walking I went down
a trail I’ve never seen
something whispered to my back
a tree so tall and green

“Tell me Mister, tell me please
how does it feel to talk to trees?”
I answered with a question,
“Well, do you have some good stories?”

I had figured that old boy
has not seen much out here
The woods are quiet except for storms
and then you shake in fear

“I have many I could tell,
Why this one day I nearly fell.”
He said with weary words
“I hold all kinds of birds.”

Unimpressed I moved on
and only as for me
Next time I am in these woods
I’ll just ignore the trees

Don’t Steal My Apartment

Written By: Horace Pickett

We’re caffeine tired, we have machine stairs
With magazine flyers, and gelatin bears
Our tangerine hats have Halloween grins
These seventeen cats have seventeen twins

Don’t watch where you’re going
Don’t worry ‘bout your speed
All our dead are friends indeed

These lemonade booths have band-aid smiles
Like a saw blade tooth has hand-grenade style
I always played so practical
We shared the shade and made it magical

Don’t watch where you’re going
Don’t worry ‘bout your speed

I Don't Know The Man

Written By: Horace Pickett

I don't see any other choice
but to trust somebody who don't trust me
and never puts their trust in a digital watch
I'll have to admit he sounded legitimate
He'd kick up his toes and I chose to forget it
Cuz' he always came back ‘til he was caught

He never split the profit of a score
I'd have take it from his underwear drawer

With 300 bucks, on top of our luck,
we were less than a mile before we got stuck
And we both ran different ways across the tracks
A payphone booth reunited us both,
Soon the flashlights followed us with every move
And he swears I'll get my share when we get back

He calls himself a treasurer by trade
He tried to take all the money we made
Glad I hid a hundred of the money we made

Surviving the dawn, my partner was gone
When cop cars started driving up my lawn
And in hard restraints he waits for me as well
"We understand you know this man,
He told us traveling with fare in hand."
They all accused, but I refused to plead guilty for a two-bit cell

He never split the profit of a score
I'd have take it from his underwear drawer
You bet I'd have to take it from his underwear drawer


Horace Pickett - Self-Titled Full Length Release 2010.
Horace Pickett - "I Don't Know The Man" October 2012.
Horace Pickett - "Anatomy" November 2012.

Set List

Sets can be 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the venue's / event's needs.