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"Horae Works On Being Heard"

By Marie Rodriguez

“When it clicked, it really clicked,” University of Arizona student Lela Chavis says of the first time playing with her band. “It was kind of like, ‘I don’t know this guy who’s playing the drums but whatever just happened was really cool.’”

Horae has now been a band for about nine months. After replacing their previous lead vocalist with Pima Community College student Vinny Parish, they’ve been complete since August.

Despite being so new together, they have already recorded their debut EP and have ambition and dedication to being heard by many.

“Right now the most important thing is putting this record to bed,” manager Corbin Dooley said. “That’s what we’re focused on.” The band hopes to have it ready before October.

In addition to Chavis (guitar) and Parish, band members include UA student Tom Nguyen (bass) and Steven Escalante (drums).

They have all known each other for two and a half years, but get along and support each other as if they have known each other since second grade, as Escalante and Parish have.

“I think all of our senses of humor are about the same,” Chavis said.

“We all hold each other with the same degree of respect,” Parish added.

Although the members each listen to a wide range of music from electronic to hip-hop to classical, they still manage to collaborate their music mostly into rock with an electronic edge.

“It’s kind of interesting that we do come out to a certain sound,” Parish said. “Somehow we’re all able to meet on the same plane.”

Horae’s record showcases songs such as Chavis’ and Nguyen’s favorite, “The Audition.”

“I don’t think anyone would expect us to write that,” Chavis said. “The lyrics are catchy and Vinny’s voice just gets stuck in my head.”

Nguyen said the song also stuck in his mind. “Just because it’s such an interesting sound,” he said. “I like how everything flows.”

Listeners can also expect to hear Escalante’s favorite, “Mind Without a Heart,” on the record.

“Within a 30-second phase it goes from hip-hop to drum, bass, metal and rock,” he said. “It embodies a lot of different genres in one song.”

Parish describes how much more of the record plays with different genres. “It’s a variety of different ways we could go into with our musical endeavors,” he said. “It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which is good. Hopefully we’ll catch the ears of and appeal to most people.”

The group hopes to soon be able to go on tour. “If not that, at least being able to open for pretty big names,” Chavis said. “Get our foot in the door, just start networking and hopefully with this EP what we’re going to be doing is shopping for record labels, someone that’s going to get us out there. You know, crossing the bridge.”

Nguyen also expressed desires to enter new territory. “It’s really important to me to cross boundary lines into something that hasn’t been done before,” he said. “Try to appeal to people who like rock and people who like electronic and just try to do something different.”

“That’s definitely one of the most important things, is being able to somehow through sound give an explanation of things from our point of view,” Parish said. “Whether you play guitar or write music, it still comes out and that basically is who you are and that’s your sound, and it’s important for other people to hear it.”

With music like theirs, once it touches the ears of an audience it would be difficult for anyone not to listen.
- Aztec Press


Self-Titled EP (Horae)



Within a year of forming their lineup, Horae has pressed 400 copies of their first self-titled EP in 2009. They have played multiple shows with national touring acts such as Kraak and Smaak, Fort Knox Five, and most recently Neon Indian. Horae was formed in 2008 in the city of Tucson, Arizona with the members Lela Chavis, Steven Escalante, Vinny Parish and Tom Nguyen. “Despite being so new together, they have already recorded their debut EP and have ambition and dedication to being heard by many” (Marie Rodriguez, Aztec Press). Shortly after playing several local shows Horae caught the attention of Bikiniwax Inc. Under the management of Bikiniwax Inc., Horae was able to proceed into the studio with producers David “Dibs” Shackney and Luke John to record their debut self-titled EP.

Horae’s style is best defined as Rock with an Electronic influence. Horae has been compared to artists such as The Faint, Bloc Party and AFI. Incorporating over-driven guitar riffs with electronic dance beats, melodic synthesizers, and low shaking bass lines. Horae has focused on creating music that has a unique sound that is diverse by pulling together their musical resources and abilities. Horae has contributed their success to their fans locally, nationally, and in countries outside of the United States. Horae has used the digital medium to present their music and have a direct connection to those who enjoy their music. The band’s live performance is described as “Raw Talent” and “Big.” Horae is now dedicated to creating a new sound that they feel is absent from rock and electronic music.


Lela Chavis (Guitar/Vocals)

Steven Escalante (Drums/Keyboardist/Vocals)

Vinny Parish (Lead Vocals/Keyboardist)

Tom Nguyen (Bass/Keyboardist/Vocals/Programming)