Horizon Blue

Horizon Blue

 Manchester, Connecticut, USA

Horizon Blue's blend of folk, bluegrass, country, blues and rock is best described as "Contemporary Americana." Horizon Blue performs original and traditional songs that are suited for all audiences and tell stories of history, daily life, and pure fun.


Horizon Blue is an acoustic Americana (folk, country and blue grass) musical group. Their performances are conversational, and inviting. The original songs they perform have a storytelling aspect and are well received by audiences of all ages. They also include songs in their performance that are well known to everyone. They have been well received at a variety of venues including museums, libraries, fairs, festivals, cultural events, and concert halls.

Horizon Blue features Monique Hill, Peter Hill, and Mark Annulli and special guests. Special guests include veteran musicians Jim Henry (dobro) and Stacey Phillips (dobro and fiddle). Horizon Blue is available as a duo, trio, or quartet.

Monique's songwriting credits include a charting international release in England, Germany, and Japan. Monique was a cowriter for The single "LOOK LOVE IN THE EYES" performed by Mark Free on the album "A Long Way From Love." This record received the number two spot for the album of the year in the British publication "Rock Report."

Currently Horizon Blue is recording a new CD release.

Their CDs "Shades of Blue" and "Once Upon A Song" can be heard and purchased at
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/horizonblue and http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/horizonblue2

Horizon Blue has performed at numerous venues including the The Eastern States Exposition (The Big E), Norwich Arts Council, Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Mark Twain House, CT Historical Society, The Audubon CT Eagle Festival, Shad Derby, Hartford CT Public Library, Windsor CT Public Library, Simsbury Public Library, Town of Windsor Locks, CT, Manchester CT summer concerts, Windsor CT Folk Festival, Coventry CT Art Festival, Coventry CT Patriot's Day Celebration, Acoustic April Concerts, Elizabeth Park Hartford CT, and more.

Horizon Blue is a NEST Eligible Artist. Non-profits may apply for NEST grants that may cover up to 50% of Horizon Blues fee for engagements in New England, but outside of Connecticut. For more information visit the New Foundation for the Arts at NEST Grant Program http://www.matchbook.org
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Wild Like the Wind (Fishing)

Written By: Monique Topolski-Hill

Wild Like The Wind

He says he's gonna go fishing, or maybe go for a ride

Maybe he'll have a time or two with his buddies by his side


He never was one for school, he rather drive in his car

they would find him down by the riverside just strumming on his guitar


Now that he's much older, he says he's gonna settle down

and find him a women he could love so much that he would quit

his messing around


Harvest Night

Written By: Monique Hill

Harvest Night

The band played a waltz and we dance to a tune
Under the stars and that harvest moon
The wind seemed to whisper a blessing our way
We took our vows, forever we stay
Until the end of time

It was a Harvest night
I always dreamed theired be love by my side
A lover and a friend
Someone so true, I wouldn't have to pretend
someone to hold me tight
On a cold harvest night

Our wedding was simple with family and such
My dress was satin so soft to your touch
now many years passed but the feeling remains
Were getting older but somethings don't change
And it seems it was yesterday
(Repeat Chorus)
As the years pass
We share many things
My cold feet in winter, your garden in spring
Hot summer days and wlaks on the beach
Two cats that live in the house that we keep
I'm so glad I said alright


"Now and Then"
"Something for Your Ears"
"Chain with a Heart" mini CD
"Shades of Blue"
"Once Upon A Song"

Set List

Mostly originals with classic Americana and popular songs.