horizon i

horizon i

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

horizon i makes memorable music to aid in cathartic personal growth, compell social thought and change, and challenge the senses of emotion and imagination. we are beat dynamic, melody heavy rock'n'roll with textured tunes and poetic lyrics. we play because we can't not play. above all, we have fun.


cliff hockersmith
mark anderson
john hockersmith

what started out as tunes in cliff's head has become a living organism of musical commincation. we play wherever and with whomever we can in an attempt to experience unique musical happenings. attitude above style. heard not scene. all are welcome, thx for listening


cabbages & kings

Written By: cliff hockersmith

a penny's worth of anything
when all are earth and spindlestring
a question posed while wondering
what really writes the rules
who really writes these rules
that flock the awed and needful sheep
round sheperd shrouded fools
to be counted pawns, compiled and filed
like neatly numbered tools
speaking softly round the fire
keeping busy pricing jewels

what if the poetry is right
then as the laureates listen we'll
try and make sense of the moments
laughing the stars know day is night
then as the galaxies glisten we'll
wink at the nonsense
perception"s own definition blown
the word unknown/world i've known as evidence

within workweek walls of encrypted contracts
office buildinged empired bloom
broadcasting shadows across these mountain's majesties
into each and every living room

as father time keeps himself against the infinite hourglass
he forgets to clock his score
against what has happened after
and what has yet to come before

within a breath we live and die within a breath we live and die within a breath we live and die within a breath

dear america

Written By: cliff hockersmith

the future is in our hands
the power is in our hands

sure its all been rationalized
diagnosed and criticized
but right before our widening eyes
we watched a textbook bloodless coup
in this case the constitution dictates revolution
so what are we the people to do

would you sacrifice a slice of your comforted life
to redye the red white and blue?

now you say to me that your actions just dont matter
they're whispers in a windstorm
you dont even know what to do anymore
ya have to work so hard just to not get sick from the water that your treading

we have to steer this plane ourselves when its plain the pilots lied
it should be obvios to all of us that democracy has died

the future is in our hands
the power is in our hands

so whats with this complacency
our silence sets our masters free to
paint on canvassed apathy
their masterpiece a travesty that
flies for all the world to see
above every actions tragedy
a picture of our humanity
that no one's neighbor wants to be
we the people must take intentioned action now...

a plutocracy is the state of our vieled democracy
the buck or the ballot which one gets counted with greater accuracy
while making memory of dawns early light
the content one percent wrong the left and the right
as the hungry eagle flies tied as thier kite from
sea to shining encircled C

the future is in our hands
the power is in our hands

please listen

Written By: cliff hockersmith

hey there man, your eyes have changed
just a shade less bright but enoug to give you away
i can tell you're not doin too well these days.
your laughter is slower now and it brings me down somehow
i can tell its just not the same
about as warm as a bedful of rain

i see you walkin off again
and wipin' off that painted on grin
and you stay down.

you keep your broken heart coat wrapped close that sadness
will take you closer to madness than pain
though it can be a comforting noose to explain
another night another pint half empty through the tunnel
and still no sign of light i wonder
will you see through these blues
ther's still life left in you to lose.

the day may happen soon
when you forget what it is to choose
and you stay down

dont ya stay down too long
no dont ya stay down too long

dont forget what the light looks like mixed with your eyes
or the colors that you wear beneath your current disguise
dont spin in or spin out til you've gone past
hope and trust and belief and beyond
dont stay down
no dont you stay down too long

if your lost in the black my friend
let yourself wander back again
ill be here to help you along
cause i cant stand to see you so down
dont stay down too long

not yet

Written By: cliff hockersmith

you tell me that everything's ok
well who are you tryin to convinve sayin everything's ok
when profitablity above humanity is the widespread majorities favored stable trend
who are we starving with our obsessive, boundless and relentless appetites my friend

its ok here its alright
backyard fenced and quiet
kids are fat and fine
safely asleep tonight

buying blissfully into ignorance we're muzzled by hoarded comforts which blind our eyes
to the conveniently ignored unamed faces elswhere forced to pay our price
while wailing unheard despairs in laguages we dont bother to comprehend
just how deeply do we let them sew our pockets my bleeding hearted friend

are we ever gonna change
and make good on all these peaceful motives we proclaim
before its too late and we destroy everything we've birthed and embrace
will we ever understand that greed is the disease of man infecting life, water and the land
truths drawn upon soon wet sand
by a fleeting golden fingered hand
armed by a self serving suicidal no futured man

distance and numbers it seems can ease and clear the conscience
we let ends justify the means while our wealth absolves us

backyard fenced and quiet
kids are fat and fine
with the poor out of mind out of sight
none left behind when we do the math right

its not right to say its alright
its wrong to think that nothing's wrong
its not good enough beliving thing are good enough
and its bad to think they wont get worse

things are not yet fine
everything is not yet fine
its not yet ok to believe that everything is ok...

Instant of Symphony

Written By: cliff hockersmith

youre the sun, youre the moon, youre the stars and the sky
youre the space in between and all things in the black of an eye
youre the smoke and the shadows, the fire and the light
youre the ebb and the flow of the day into dusk into night
youre the earth and its gravity, youre the clock and the compass and all its degrees
youre the window the door, the lock and the key
youre the sum of all numbers plus one infinity
youre a song all at once of each voice from all history
singing as one in an instant of symphony

all these things in the black of an eye

youre a story using every idea we conceive
and a thread in life's ribbon we constantly weave
and use to keep place in time's book as we read
and write and remember and bullshit and dream and
watch the ink dry as the pages tear free
and float through the universe, painting on galaxies
lifetimes of thought from the palettes of memory
wisdoms and colors and things that we choose to be...

all these things in the black of an eye
framed by this masterpiece mind with the last human breath taken signed


No Disclaimers (2 song slim)

Set List

.we can play all night