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Horizonte Lied

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico | Established. Jan 01, 1992 | SELF

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico | SELF
Established on Jan, 1992
Band Electronic Synth





One country that is producing a lot of good electro music at the moment is Mexico. Hocico, Cenobita and Nexus 8 have all put their homeland on the electro map and Lied Horizonte are doubtless aiming to add their name to this growing list.

This EP was released by mp3.com and gives a glimpse of what Alex 'Ezert" Ibarra, Ernesto DuSolier, Jesus Garcia and Bernardo Garza are capable of. If forced to give their music a label I'd describe it as 'light electro' or perhaps 'darker synthpop' although, in any case, a little bit more bass and perhaps a helping hand in the mixing would do the band a whole lot of good.

The title track is a decent electro offering with a melody line that soon lodges itself in your memory and (especially as there are with four versions here!!). The problem is that the sound as a whole and the rhythms especially sound a bit lightweight and so the band never really get their message across. The Spanish lyrics give the band added character and the vocals are pretty decent, even if they do get a bit lost during the slower 'Inmortal Mix" while the synthleads get somewhat drowned out during the 'Aureal Mix' although the improved harmonised vocals work better! If they could just get this balance right then we'd be getting somewhere. This is also a problem on the slower "Destello Por El Tiempo" which, with better production, could have become a really powerful and majestic piece but, as it is, never really fullfills it's potential. The powerful instrumental "Reciclaje" and "El En Bosque" are steps in the right direction, even if the latter sounds a bit overcrowded and shows what the band are capable of when they get it right.

The overall impression here is that this is a talented band with potential who are in need of a guiding hand if they are to make the breakthrough. I for one will certainly be keeping an eye on how they progress.

REVIEW DATE: 10.25.2003 - Carl Jenkinson

"El Día Después (Single) Reverbnation Crowd Review"

“The singer is entirely reminiscent of Depeche Mode which is pretty cool and I'm a huge fan. The song has a dream like sound
and vibe to it. I find it interesting that he is singing in a language that I don't speak yet I understand everything he is
conveying perfectly. The song sounds soulful and deep and meaningful. The rhythm is powerful and intense and heart heavy in
a splendid way. The song has a real 80s vibe to it as well but in a cool way. I love the way the singer sounds. It's haunting and
almost eerie but in a beautiful profound way. The artist is able to evoke a lot of emotion out of the listener and I love that.
That is what art is all about anyway and this singer is able to do just that. That takes extreme talent. This is a very powerful
and great song and I'd love to hear more from this artist and I can't even understand what they are singing about so that
says a lot. All the different instruments used in this song make it so colorful like a rainbow. Great tune!” - Reverbnation

"Artist Review: Horizonte Lied – “Wishing To Be There” Single"

A shockwave with the perfect blend of yesterday’s and today’s electronic music.

That is probably the most accurate description of Horizonte Lied and their newest single “Wishing To Be There.” An upbeat electronic song that drop kicks you with its pounding rhythm section and unwavering energy. Something that is recognizable but still holds ground with its articulated originality and multifaceted production value.

Structured with climactic measures and verses that provide the perfect buildups, this single carries enormous weight with the choice of vocal melodies. From perfected lower 5th harmonies and dynamic lyrical content, this song delivers excellent musicianship factors that are shared between the performance value and the overall production.

The music and vocals definitely compliment each other perfectly and keep the listener engaged while keeping a solid flow of energy at the forefront. And that’s one of the most noticeable components of the track – the energy. Combined with the song’s aura and atmosphere, the rhythmic energy (particularly the drums) doesn’t leave a stone unturned. It addresses each verse and measure with a cleverly executed wave of synthesizers and rotund low end to really give this song a true edge to its overall execution. It’s the perfect track to test those new Sony Xplodes sound system in your car, and an even better song to crank the vibe up 10 more notches at your very club.

If you’re a fan of electronic music from any era (including EDM) then Horizonte Lied will be thriving at the top of your favorites pretty quickly. “Wishing To Be There” is that rush of adrenaline you’ve been looking for. - Justyn Brodsky for ArtistReach.com


  • RECICLAJE (2000)
  • ILUMINADO (2003)
  • VOZ DE FÉ (2004)
  • EL DÍA DESPUÉS (2008)