New Paltz, New York, USA

I spit sub alien funk beneath wings, I move bodies like cyclones. I believe in music, healing, and forward direction through sound. We need not fall down the rabbit hole to find Wonderland, we can use Sound to realize we are already there, forever limitless


horiZonwireLess is a sub alien funkalicious soul trance and dancetronica project from New York based producer Harrison Waxenberg. He has been making music his entire life, but as of the past few years or so, since his introduction to such artists as Shpongle, Lotus, Sound Tribe, Spor, etc. he has moved towards a more electronic production. Check it out :)


Centers of the Mutiverse

Written By: Harrison Waxenberg

Everybody sing along now don't you feel that thumping' through your feet, moving your body like a cyclone, sub alien funk beneath your wings ;)


Network Subscription (TBA)

Set List

30-40 Minute sets