Horn Please!

Horn Please!


Swedish saxophone great Jonas Knutsson with some of the best of the young swedish folk musicians in a music that flows from the traditional to the newly composed, from the strictly arranged to the freely improvised. Six saxophones plus bass and percussion - you haven't heard anything like it before.


born 1965 i Umeå, Sweden. Sopranino, soprano, alto och barytone saxophonist; composer and teacher.
Jazz/folk musician inspired by jazz, scandinavian folk singers och fiddlers, Jojk, west african, north- and southindian classical music
Has played in Cabazz, Mynta, Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble, Enteli, Nordan, Encore (jazz i Sweden 1990), Triptyk, Larbre Voyage (Bertrand Renaudin, France) Världsorkestern, Stockholm Folk Big Band, Hodos Quartet (Olivier Cahours, Frankrike), Turbulent silence (Bertrand Renaudin,Frankrike), Paavo, Gushpanka, Jonas Knutsson band, Jonas Knutsson kvartett, Norrland (Johan Norberg/Jonas Knutsson), Berger Knutsson Spering, Jonas Knutsson-Mats Öberg Duo, Gunnel Mauritzon Band and Beches Brew. In 2006 he formed Horn Please.


2008 Jonas Knutsson & Mats Öberg: "LIVE!" (Country & Eastern)
2007 JONAS KNUTSSON ”HORN PLEASE!” (Country & Eastern CE08)
2006 Thomas Tidholm/Jonas Knutsson ”Himlen har inga hal" (PPCD 03 Paraphon)
2005 Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg ”Cow Cow” (ACT 9425-2 ACT Music)
2005 Bengt Berger Jonas Knutsson Christian Spering & Friends "See you in a minute. Memories of Don Cherry" (Country & Eastern CE 03)
2004 Berger Knutsson Spering ”Up Close” (Country & Eastern CE04)
2004 Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg ”Norrland” (GAFCD1066 Gazell Records/ ACT 9014-2 ACT Music)
2003 Mirja Mäkelä/Berger Knutsson Spering ”Arco Iris” (IMPALA 007 Texicalli Records OY)
2002 Jonas Knutsson Quartet ”Jonas Knutsson Quartet” (Tmc CD 018 Touche Music)
2001 Triptyk ”Midwinternights mass” (8573-85817-2 Warner Atrium)
2001 Berger Knutsson Spering "Live vol 2 at Mosebacke with Bobo Stenson" (AMCD 890 Amigo)
2001 Berger Knutsson Spering "Live vol 1 at Glenn Miller Café" (AMCD 889 Amigo)
1999 Ale Moller/Jonas Knutsson ”Latitudes Crossing” (3984-29704-2 Warner/Atrium)
1998 Triptyk ”Triptyk” (3984-22197-2 Warner Atrium)
1997 Jonas Knutsson ”Malgomaj” (WPCS-10058 Warner/Atrium)
1997 Berger Knutsson Spering "Om natten" (AMCD 890 Amigo)
1997 Jonas Knutsson ”Flower in the Sky” (compilation JCD 04002 ACT Music)
1997 Enteli "Enteli live" (AMCD 738 Amigo)
1996 Lena Willemark/Ale Moller "Agram" (ECM 1610 ECM)
1995 Jonas Knutsson/Mats Oberg ”Vadara Vadara” (SEGCD-1 Seg Records)
1995 Enteli "Sagan om ringen" (SRPROF 637 Sveriges Radio)
1994 Jonas Knutsson ”Lust” (CAP 21459 Caprice Records)
1994 Enteli "Enteli" (PSCD 77 Phono Suecia)
1993 Lena Willemark/Ale Moller "Nordan" (ECM 1536 ECM)
1992 Jonas Knutsson ”Vyer” (jazz i Sverige 1992 CAP 21426 Caprice Records)

Set List

The repertoire consists of swedish traditional music plus own compositions and improvisations and an occasional south indian classical piece.

The Horn Please cd is typical of how the band sounds:
1 1:a Lorikspolskan 03:25
2 Gudmunds Kalles polska 03:41
3 Vals från Vilhelmina 05:01
4 Ol' i Tängsta 03:06
5 Snygg Olles polska 05:01
6 Anna-Gretas polska 02:52
7 Pelle på molnet 03:17
8 Hannas horn 01:19
9 Vinterpolska 05:20
10 Horn Klas 01:46
11 Polska efter Jon Marsen 02:22
12 Moi 04:13
13 Glaciär 01:48
14 Tokpolskan 01:52
15 Mayee-Tharangini 04:21
16 Bosambo-Revati 05:44
17 Máret Ánne 03:04