Horns of Moses

Horns of Moses


Horns of Moses is a dynamic and original metal outfit who are constantly crafting their unique brand of heavy metal. They never fail to impress on stage either, with their blistering, high-energy live show.


Horns of Moses formed in December of 2004 in Johnson City, Tennessee by founding members Daniel Bratton, Dale Atkinson, and Kenny Hammitt.

After a couple of lineup changes in the drum and rhythm guitar positions, they found their permanent drummer Matthew Dougherty. After the departure of their second rhythm guitarist, the band decided to continue as a 4-piece with Kenny as the sole guitarist.

The leaner, tighter Horns of Moses is tearing up packed clubs all over the region with a fistful of new songs that showcase their brand of blistering metal.

Horns of Moses continue to keep a sharp eye on creating the highest-quality speed/death/black metal they can, challenging themselves with every new song they write.

They are preparing to release their first full-length CD entitled "The Last Plague." It is being produced by Gene Hughes and recorded at Sonic Designs Studios in Bristol, TN.


Horns of Moses - Self-Titled Demo
The Last Plague - Full Length Album (in progress)

Set List

Horns of Moses has 14 original metal songs and a solid repertoire of covers that range from "Chinatown" by Thin Lizzy to "Raining Blood" by Slayer and "Deathcrush" by Black Metal icons Mayhem.