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The best kept secret in music



If you need to get pumped up for your next surf, snow, skate session, pop in hornswaggled's latest album simply entitled, "you."  Released under their own label,"hornswaggled", the cd carries a theme aimed towards the American public that is often seen as anti-government, however, the band and its lyrics are very pro-american. With the likes of bad religion, lag wagon, nofx, and fugazi under their belt of influences, the band rocks hard and fast with seriously poetic lyrics.
      There's no doubt the music brings forth an interesting session for Hornswaggled's second effort.  It all begins with a powerful introduction including a sound bite from the infamous Columbine High School shooting.  With an almost story like compilation, every song is custom made to suit worldwide issues that surround us.  Hornswaggled is very open with its beliefs towards society, both truthful and exaggerated at times, but the point is clearly taken.  Poetic justice, smooth lexis and hardcore riffs set this up-and-coming band above the rest.  With songs titled "father time vs. mother earth" and "in his element," the tracks allow funk bass and fast guitar topped with propulsive rhythms supercharged vocals.  Each member in the four man crew each plays a crucial part in the quality of music presented and receives kudos for talent.  Filled with music to really get you going, the cd ends with a hidden song (with no name) lies approximately 7 minutes into the eight track, and will blow your mind with an original guitar solo and a party going on in the background. Listen for yourself, but think Sublime, and a remade Jimmy Cliff.
      Not just your average punk band, Hornswaggled rules the southern California scene.  Coined as the next big thing of the so cal area by owner of San Diego venue, SOMA, the band has a following of its own and their hardcore performances finds the masses awaiting a stellar show.  Be sure to carry this one with you on your next board trip and get ready to rumble!  Ideal for a party, and not for easy listening.  Check out their website at www.hornswaggled.com
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"An Interview with Metal Mongers Hornswaggled"



NO COVER: How did all you guys meet?
HORNSWAGGLED: Brian (drummer) and Jeff (bass) started a couple of punk bands in high school (m.i.p.), and (v.o.c.)....  eventually getting sick of the normal bullshit decided to start hornswaggled.  picked up Brian (vocals) at the claim jumper salad bar, and Adam (guitar) a few months later.  coincidentally all went to rancho bernardo high school but graduated all different years spanning from 94-99.

NO COVER: would you describe your music as rock or metal?

NO COVER: who are your musical influences?
HORNSWAGGLED: slayer, pantera, tool, lagwagon, strung out, propaghandi, deftones.  and fortunately are blessed with a copious amount of rad local bands as well... unwritten law, sprung monkey, stretcher, causeway, and many many more..

NO COVER: how did you guys get such a large fan base?
HORNSWAGGLED: we recently are being investigated by the San Diego law enforcement for decorating our home town with flyers, stickers and such...but the clincher is actually when you come to the show to see what all the hype is about.  that’s when you see the mayhem created by our highly dedicated fan base.  something abnormal seems to happen at every hornswaggled show.

NO COVER: what did you attribute this high of a number to touring? promotions?
HORNSWAGGLED: when we went on our first tour with unwritten law, you would find each band member at the merch booth before ands after the show (usually belligerent) selling our album or just our name by being so obnoxious. people would always say, where the hell did you guys come from.

NO COVER: out of the list of impressing bands you have had shows which has been your favorite and why?
HORNSWAGGLED: definitely unwritten law. they bring energy to the stage that is untouchable. watching Jason from rkl puke all over himself was pretty fun too.

NO COVER: what has been your guy’s biggest accomplishment to date?
HORNSWAGGLED: for the last two warped tours we had tried every angle to get on one of those stages, but had no luck.  so instead we would bring our own stage on a giant hummer and play for the tailgating fans in the parking lot illegally.  however this year we got invited to play on the Ernie ball stage even though we know the people behind the scenes are probably sick of us...w are pretty stoked and thankful for that.

NO COVER: any labels knocking on the door? or do you even care?
HORNSWAGGLED: we have never been approached by any record label. we care to the extent that we would like to get our new music recorded and distributed, but we definitely don’t need anybody coming and telling us what kind of music we should play.  only time will tell.

NO COVER: what is coming up for hornswaggled?
HORNSWAGGLED: soma san Diego has been very good to us.  every time they call us for something it feels like Christmas morning.  So hopefully we will be doing more shows there this summer and we love playing bars so we are always doing that... then of course the warped tou
- No Cover Magazine

"Hornswaggled Crowned at Battle of the Band Finals"


       The air was electric with anticipation at the BLVD friday night as five bands took the stage for the Rock 105.3's Battle of the Bands Finals.
       Thinwill, Scarecrow, Hornswaggled, Daredevil Jane, and Motley Crued members all brought their best to compete for the $1000 prize.
      Metal was the common denominator for the evening. Thinwill thrilled the crowd screaming guitar solos and wailing vocals that transformed everyoine into a head banger.  In the end it was Hornswaggled that won the competition.  This talented four-piece band won the crowd over with powerful anthems and unrelenting hardcore music. - The North County Times


No streaming airplay
just local shows and some college radio

1 EP out called "YOU"
1 Ep to be released - name TBA


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hornswaggled has been playing shows for six years.
Our music speaks for itself.......we are influenced by anything and everything.