Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

BEWARE OF THE LOOSE HORSE! Respecting the musical legacies, but following new twisty paths this wild colt moves its audiences into a world of cartoons.


The sound of this open minded trio reflects the spectra of different spheres: colorful harmonies surrounding a running train loaded with distortion. And the truths from all life’s deepest whirlpools shall be revealed straight from the horse’s mouth. Behind this Frisco mode stands the musical symbiosis of the male and female vocalists. The musical journey of Horse starts from the unexplored forests of Finland through Seattle, stopping by at the Delta cornfields to pay tribute to the pioneers and legends of life thirsty story telling. The destination of this journey is unknown.

NB! The teeth of this steed are all intact, except one that mutated to a UFO and is now shuttling around between the Russian satellites and moon men looking for new worm gaps!


Beasts of the Storm-EP-2007
Straight from the Mouth...-EP-2008
Devil in Disguise - single 2009