A brutal hybridization of influences involving both old and new school metal; Horse Called War's high energy stage act and musicianship redefines the role of American metal.




Horse Called War has evolved from its typical organic beginnings in August of 2002, with guitarists Bryan Slusser and Mark Johnson, bassist Nick Brower, drummer Timmy Braun and vocalist Aaron Korstjens. What innocently began as a creative release from the mundane, this outlet soon formed the foundation and structure of dealing with life’s issues in the form and framework of brutal metal. Through this medium, Horse Called War strives to bring a meaningful measure of reality regardless of societal norms and expectations.

Horse Called War has developed a following throughout the Southwestern United States that continues to grow with every live performance. Horse Called War is humbled to have shared the field of battle with many international and national acts including: Lamb of God, Testament, Unearth, GWAR Job For a Cowboy, OTEP, W.A.S.P., Children of Bodom, Powerman 5000, Soilent Green, Lazarus A.D., Suffocation, Behemoth, Silent Civilian, Cattle Decapitation, Straight Line Stitch, Bleed the Sky, The Destro, Within Chaos, Rikets, A Dozen Furies, Manntis, Thine Eyes Bleed, Curse Your Name, My Ruin, Brotherhood, and many others. The band also possesses a companion video for “Fields of Poverty” which is featured in the soundtrack to the national distributed film "Behind the Suit and Tie".

From technical landscapes to grooving textures, the first full-length album “Becoming” brings an onslaught of sonic brutality equally matched to their live performance. With anthems such as “Fields of Poverty” and “Coward Be Thy Name”, the real issues of life are brought to the table without any apologies and are violently spoon-fed to the listener. Through their personal experiences and living scars, Horse Called War brings relevance to the American metal scene; no hocus pocus, no goblins, just real fucking life, real problems and real issues.

The evolution has begun. Real fucking metal, no genres, no limitations.

Horse Called War's current listing of growing endorsements ranges from Peavey, Keeley Electronics, Ampeg, Spaun Drum Company, Basson Sound, and Dirtbag Clothing


Fields of Poverty

Written By: Aaron Korstjens

There's evil on our thrones
Deceit pulled over our eyes
The pleasures of tattered flesh
have made us all addicts

Innocence robbed by faceless foes
Deeper we dig this hole
and raise our hands to a god
who's silent

Drag the weight
Feel the pain
Pitiful waste
Feeds the greed

An honest day for honest pay
Your manicured hands have never seen
Your fathers lie in disbelief
As we form lines to pay the weak
We're growing fields of poverty
By planting illiterate seeds
Turn our backs choose not to see
the rapist

The Reality of Dreams

Written By: Aaron Korstjens

I woke up drenched in sweat today
A pain so real I had to believe
That my worst fears I'd realized
That you were taken from my life

Ripped away
Gone forever
Crushing pain
Your life is over

Please tell me what I heard was wrong
Please tell me you're not really gone
My God how could you take away
I'm on my knees
Beg it not be

No- How could it be
No- It's not happening
No- How can it be
No- Please let this be a dream

So much alike we are inside
We've chased these dreams to fill our lives
You're more than brother
You're more than friend
And now tragedy had spelled the end

This is too real
I can't believe
This can't be happening to me
The worst fears locked up in my mind
No more tomorrow
No last goodbye


"Tainted America"
Copyright 2005 Metal Factory Productions

Copyright 2009 DBM Records

Set List

(All music written by Horse Called War)

Unforgiving Judgement
Coward Be Thy Name
Blink Of An Eye
Taking Steps
The Reality of Dreams
Dead Is All I See
Fields Of Poverty
Speak These Words

*Songs can be arranged for breaks and allotted set times up to and including 60 minutes.