Red-Hot Rockabilly, High Octane Roadhouse Blues and Real Outlaw Country Rock 'n' Roll. High energy live show with exciting original songs and highly danceable covers.


The roots of the Horse Cave Trio run deep. From the bluegrass of Kentucky, to the mean streets of Detroit. From the rockin' SUN sounds of Memphis to the raw blues of Chicago. The Horse Cave Trio combine all of their influences to create an exciting sound that is completely original yet very familair.
The Horse Cave Trio debuted in the fall of 2002. Ron DeVore had achieved success on the West Coast, Europe and Australia with his hard rockin' band Empty Set. DeVore, a true rockabilly devotee was looking to form a straight-ahead rock-n-roll trio that would perform and record original roots rock. Ron found the perfect partner in guitarist Lou Simon, a veteran of the Detroit music scene who has performed and recorded with several well-known acts. Rounding out the Trio is brother-in-arms Tony Bizon on the thundering drums.
The Horse Cave Trio are named for the small town in Kentucky where DeVore's parents met. The Trio made their dynamic debut in Horse Cave, KY at the 2005 Horse Cave Heritage Festival, which was filmed for the finale of the reality TV show, "Small Town Makeover".
The group released it's first full length CD titled "Hot Rods, Choppers & Rock'n'Roll" on the Tropic Lightning Label in 2004. The follow up to this successful debut was "Curb Service" released on the Embassy Hotel Record Label in 2006. The disc features 11 original songs, including "Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll", "Rev It Up" and "She's the One". The music travels the American lanscape from gospel to country, from the blues to rockabilly with several stops along the way.
2008 will see the release of the band's first DVD, entitled "Live At The Dive". This DVD captures the power of a live Horse Cave Trio performance filmed in Detroit.


Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll

Written By: DeVore/Simon

Everybody, gather round
you got to hear this sound
that the band's layin' down
gonna spread this thing around
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll is in my town

Every man understand
I'll do the best I can
your baby's been comin' round
oh man we're gettin' down
the Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll is in your town
chorus- I got your-
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll
that baby saved my soul
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll
that crazy sound saved my achin' soul....go man-

I'm gonna stand my ground
I'll never back down
I've got a rockin' band
we've got a vision man
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll is what I found

Everybody wants to know
about my Trio
aw baby understand
this is a rockin' band
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll is in my veins

chorus- I got your-
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll
that baby saved my soul
Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll
Horse Cave Trio and the Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll


"Hot Rods, Choppers & Rock'n'Roll" 2004 Tropic Lightning Records. "Curb Service" 2006 Embassy Hotel Records. "Honeybee" cd single/"Live at the Dive" ep 2007 Embassy Hotel Records.

Set List

A Horse Cave Trio performance is never typical. The set list may vary to match the event or venue. For a showcase perfomance the band will perform original material from their two cd's. For festival crowds or other venues, the HCT may pull from their repertoire of classic covers. "That's Alright Mama" by Elvis, "Memphis" by Chuck Berry or "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" by Jerry Lee Lewis are but a few of the recognizable covers that the band will provide. For the blues crowd, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed or Hound Dog Taylor are all well represented. For the classic rocker, The Rolling Stones or Lynyrd Skynyrd are usually crowd favorites. For the rockabilly devotee, HCT put their rockin' spin on classics from Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Joe Clay, Pat Cupp and Bill Allen. The HCT even put the "O" back in country with Outlaw's Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. Overall, a high-energy live show with something for everyone.