Horses About Men

Horses About Men

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Horses About Men make a rusty combination of alternative rock or progressive folk or something, with the hopes of bringing shame and wrath to you and yours.


Horses About Men is a duo of young gentleman from Toronto or something like that. They formed in late 2009, hoping to bring shame, wrath, and rust to you and yours.

Cale Harper is the lead vocalist. He plays a rhythm guitar, generally. Rab Townsend is not a lead vocalist, but he plays lead guitar. Together they play a rusty combination of folk or progressive rock or blues or something.

In December 2010 they released a digital holiday ep called "New Adventures in Shame."


New Adventures in Shame

Set List

There are no boys among us
Woman, You're Late
Christmas Dinner, I love you
C-Band Dish
The Queen's Address
Don't Look Now
Double G Woman
Neon Light Physician
The Well Jam