Horse's Mouth

Horse's Mouth


Â…The soundtrack to Mister Rogers on a bad day, post-speedy-delivery, submerged in Mother Goose metaphor. With lyrics both whimsical and nightmarish, and a backing band that cross-pollinates folk, vaudeville and orchestral sound.


Horse's Mouth is a band led by native Brooklyn songwriter Tavo Carbone [voice, guitar] and bandmates JJ Beck [drums, glockenspiel, keys], Matt Scott [bass, voice], Michael Chinworth [keys, voice, accordion, trumpet], Heather Sommerlad [violin, voice] and Adele Mori [cello, voice].

Horse's Mouth began collaborating several years ago in Vermont during their education at Bennington College, when singer Tavo Carbone performed, recorded and toured under the umbrella of namesake, creating music with a revolving cast of supporting musicians. The individuals that constitute Horse's Mouth fostered their musical relationship in various configurations of Carbone's backing band until Carbone, Beck, Scott, Sommerlad, Chinworth and Mori found themselves living in New York City in May 2008.

The band's first single 'In the woods'/'As I climb in the horse's mouth' has officially been released this fall 2009 as the group focuses on completing their debut full-length recording (premiered live @ union pool on Aug 19- see live videos on this page). The record is due out Jan '10, and aims to capture their live sound of late; a timbrel blend of electric instruments and chamber music. After a July residency at Pete's Candy Store, Horse's Mouth continues to perform regularly in NYC and out of state, as often as possible.

Nailgun Media [VA]: "Tavo Carbone is an exceptional songwriter, somewhere loosely in the vein of Tom Waits and Frank Zappa and other oddball geniuses. His arrangements are lush and orchestral and sound as if they were filtered through a gramaphone. Highly recommended. Two more words on this: mouth trumpet"

Outside of the impending recordings by Horse's Mouth, Carbone has a back catalog of several recordings, which the group frequently plays live. "2/3 Skeleton"(2007)- 14 songs combining the textures of pump organ, glockenspiel, ukulele, percussion and cello- "'2/3 Skeleton' demonstrates Carbone's ability to abandon the self absorbent path of the typical singer/songwriter and, like Leonard Cohen or Bill Callahan, take his listeners to another place altogether allowing them to interpret the music in away that is personally relevant to each individual" - Bart Ford, Under the Mooch Records [Tulsa, OK]. In early 2008, Carbone also released "Forward"- a live album with an ensemble of seventeen- documented by videographer Connor Kammerer


"In the woods" EP, released Oct 3rd. Airplay on WKNC in Raleigh NC, currently sold at Under the Mooch Records in Tulsa OK. Sold at shows. Features two songs 'In the woods' and 'As I climb in the horse's mouth'; to be featured on forthcoming debut album in March '10 (TBD record label).

Set List

(Current set list represents the forthcoming album in its entirety)

As I climb in the horse's mouth
In the woods/
Blue boats on black lakes
In the morning/
As I walked away /
Phone booth /
Thin branch against a window
Crow song/
Numbers, shapes and signs/
After the rain