Horse's Mouth

Horse's Mouth


Horse's Mouth fuses multiple genres of music into one that is entirely unique and representative of their own sound, spanning a wide gamut that recalls old-world sentiments with an edge that is simultaneously delicate, elaborate and fierce.


Horse's Mouth was formed in 2008 by Brooklyn-native songwriter Tavo Carbone [voice, guitar], who recruiting friends and long-time collaborators J.J. Beck [drums, glockenspiel, keys], Matt Scott [bass, voice], Heather Sommerlad [violin, voice] and Michael Chinworth [keys, voice, accordion].

Although Carbone and Beck had been working together since as early as 2002, the two were joined in 2005 by Chinworth through various band formations, ultimately releasing the recording 2/3 Skeleton, which featured 14 songs, such as Off to Hawaii and Little Dreams (debuting Sommerlad on violin). "2/3 Skeleton demonstrates Carbone's ability to abandon the self absorbent path of the typical singer/songwriter and, like Leonard Cohen or Bill Callahan, take his listeners to another place altogether allowing them to interpret the music in away that is personally relevant to each individual" – Bart Ford, Under the Mooch Records. Carbone continued to record and tour with different band ensembles for several years, releasing the 2008 live CD/DVD orchestral concert Forward along the way.

In October, Horse’s Mouth released their first EP, 'In the woods'. The band will release a full-length (title TBD) on March 20th at Union Pool in Brooklyn, followed by a spring tour.


Tumbleweeding- Release Date 2010
In the Woods EP- 2009
2/3 Skeleton - 2007

Set List

1. Sophia
2. Tumbleweeding
3. As I climb in the horse's mouth
4. In the woods
5. Blue boats on black lakes
6. In the morning
7. As I walked away
8. Phone booth
9. Thin branches against a window
10. Crow song
11. Numbers, shapes and signs
12. After the rain

Set duration runs from 45 to 1 1/2 hrs depending on venue and lineup. Repertoire is comprised of all original material.