Horse to Water

Horse to Water

 Miami, Florida, USA


Forestville, Ca

Not Me But the Mountain



J. Evans Carver is not a musician. Once, you moderate your expectations and wrap your head around that, you can enter into the world of Horse to Water without fear. Born out of a desire to find an outlet for the disturbing characters and stories that wander through his head.....and happen to rhyme, Horse to Water is an ever evolving cast of highly talented miscreants willing to lend their gifts to a middle age guy who tells stories. Just a homeless idea until he found a kindrid- and much better- spirit in James Toth, the project has released two records independently. "Junkie" was a relatively solemn take on the unmanageable impulses that overtake those the title suggests. The 2013 release, "Not Me But the Mountain" finds Carver broadening his scope to include mining communities, concurrent twin deaths and love and loss. The vinyl release of the new album was crowd sourced originally. It includes performances by Will Johnson of Centro-matic, Toth as well as members of Delicate Cutters, Dorado and Vulture Whale. It is an old fashioned five day through down, Alabama style that incorporates influences from Bobby Bare to Hunter Thompson.


Junkie 2009

Not Me But the Mountain 2012