Hors Pool

Hors Pool


Really dirty basement vogue pop with stellar quirky riffs and rip-roarin' howlin' vocals.


Born Calgarians, Matt Waites, Greg Hartling (both of local Calgary band Bikeland), and Brielle Will are Hors Pool.
Their diverse musical backgrounds and influences come together to create a clattering and layered melodic, often with dreary undertones, sound amenable to a familiar face telling disjointed word-associative stories. The vocals carry each tune into a whole new stark freshness, asserting the potential to survive the banshees, most of whom are Hors Pool fans themselves. Strong influences include Louis Riel, foot-dragging, wood-chopping, baseball history, and Sonic Youth.
A) We lost the folk
B) We got soul
C) We don't know what we're doing most of the time. It seems lucid.
D) We are sentimentalists