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Brasília, Federal District, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Brasília, Federal District, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Instrumental




"Horta Project will record their “Anatomy of Sound” on DVD"

Virtuosity + creativity = great compositions. This is the math used by Horta Project, an instrumental band influenced by funk, rock, progressive rock and metal. In virtue to good music, the brasilia-based trio formed in 2009 by Rodrigo Vegetal (guitars), Lucas Cuesta (bass) and Tiago Palma (drums) begins to collect a hard work’s results such as featuring in niche festivals like Esquina Instrumental and PIB - Produto Instrumental Brasileiro.

In this evolutionary process, Horta Project will capture the live recording of “Anatomy of Sound” on March 16 at the Marc System warehouse in Taguatinga. Resulting in a CD and DVD to celebrate a great run. The spectacle presents a great setlist, including the single “Pulse” in the video below, and promises a powerful visual narrative directed by Brasilia’s David Murad, with special guest performances from well-known local artists such as: Tiago Freitas (ETNO), David Athias (Ape X and The Neanderthal Death Squad), Mateus Araújo (Optical Faze), Ítalo Guardieiro (Device), Dillo e Engels Espíritos. As well as a dance performance by Nara Faria.

Horta Project – Anatomy of Sound @ Marc System warehouse - Taguatinga/DF
Date: March 16th (wednesday)
Place: Marc System warehouse– Csg 10 – s/n Lt 15 – Taguatinga, DF
Time: 21h
Tickets: Free admittance - Na Rota do Rock

"Horta Project: Brasilia's heavy instrumental will win a live CD and DVD"

It was a great surprise to get the news that Horta Project from Brasilia, formed in 2009 by Rodrigo Vegetal (guitar), Lucas Cuesta (bass guitar) and Tiago Palma (drums), is going to record it's first cd and dvd album live, called Anatomy of Sound.
With funk, rock and progressive metal influences, this power trio released the same year of origin the homonymous EP with three instrumental tracks. Since then the band hasn’t stopped performing shows and even featuring in festivals like Festival Esquina Instrumental e Festival PIB ­- Produto Instrumental Brasileiro.

Next March 16th, the band performs the show that will be recorded with sponsorship from FAC – Fundo de Apoio a Cultura da Secretaria de Cultura e Governo de Brasília (Support Fund for Culture of the Department of Culture and Government of Brasília) and production of NTCA - Não Trabalhamos com Acabamento.
The presentation takes place at Marc System’s warehouse in Taguatinga, a neighbouring city of Brasília. The event will be open to the public with free admission.

If their musical performance wasn’t enough, with all the presence shown in previous gigs, the band will also be involved with the visual presentation.
For this, the trio invited Brasília’s local director, David Murad, to build an environment that takes the audience on a journey into the album’s conceptual universe. The concert will feature the dance presentation of Nara Faria, video mapping projections by VJ Boca and scenography by Daniel Banda.
The musicians Tiago Freitas (ETNO), David Athias (Ape X and The Neanderthal Death Squad), Mateus Araújo (Optical Faze), Italo Guardieiro (Device), Dillo and Engels Spirits will be the special guests of the night.
You are still likely to hear  a lot about Horta Project. Stay tuned on the band's Facebook page fb.com.br/hortaproject - Nada Pop

"Ferroada Fest: “Decentralising the plateau”"

How cool was it to see so many people leaving their sunday tv schedule (Domingão do Faustão) aside and get out of the house to check out a great heavy metal event. Doors open at 17hs there I was, ready to follow up on four great bands from Brasilia’s scene. The lights and sound rigs were pretty impressive, all top notch gear and a lot of attention to the decor (banners, backdrop, merchandise stand etc.) On a hot and dry sunday, typical this time of year, the audience showed up on a shy pace.

With a small delay, the first band was on stage at 18h30, Ape X and the Neanderthal Death Squad. I’d heard of them already but didn’t know their music. I was extremely impressed with their performance and mainly the music. The sound was very well balanced so you could here everything perfectly. They just won a new fan after a great concert! With a short break to say hi to a few friends and have another beer, Horta Project starts to play. An instrumental power trio with a very interesting sound. A great moment was when they played their metal version of Backstreet Boy’s “Everybody” sung by vocalists of the bands present and getting lots os laughs from the audience.

Immediately after was the presentation of the veterans Device, playing songs from their first two albums and a brand new one! Unfortunately the band’s sound was impaired, you could hardly hear the guitar and the other instruments were confusing, a shame. Still yet the group was full of energy and excited the audience present with their Deadly Metal.

Punctually at 21h the main event of the evening started to play: Optical Faze! Celebrating 15 years on the road, the quintet ceased the occasion to release their fist DVD titled “Full of Life’s Devastation” and had the support of FAC - a public fund directed to support the cultural production of the Federal District. The sound was perfect, crystal clear and bombastic! The band passed through their discography and killed it with an insane performance! It’s still hard to believe that a band of this level still hasn’t gotten the attention they deserve, both nationally and internationally.

We’re face to face with one the greatest bands today, dedicated to every detail, coming with high quality products, either visually (cover art, website, t-shirts) or top end equipment (be it in the studio or live) and even in the songwriting. May the band have another 15 years to come and we anxiously await Ferroada Fest 2!! Congrats to all involved, another great event in the nation’s capital - Hell Divine Online Metal Magazines

"Horta Project plays at PIB on sunday"

It’s great when a a band gets great results specially when it has such virtuoso musicians, and this is the case of Horta Project from Brasilia that play on sunday (26) in the sixth edition of PIB Festival - Instrumental Brute Product.

Horta Project came about in 2009 and has in it’s formation Rodrigo Vegetal (guitar), Lucas Cuesta (bass) and Tiago Palma (drums). They bring funk, rock, progressive and metal in their influences. When questioned about their participation at PIB, Rodrigo Vegetal’s answer was: “To us it’s very cool to be a part of a festival as unique as PIB and certainly it’ll be a special opportunity to get in touch with band of a scene that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Besides PIB, this trip to São Paulo will be a great opportunity to get to know the studio Benedictta 69 of Bruno Kayapy, guitarist and producer of the renowed instrumental rock band Macaco Bong, where we’ll be recording our next album to be released in the end of the year.”

PIB Festival 2015
Since 2007 the festival that will happen on the weekend 24 to 26 of April at Funarte SP and Casa das Caldeiras presents to the public a diverse set of contemporary instrumental music. For this edition, out of 208 artists entries, the project selected 8 bands that represent the brazilian vanguard in this scenario.
The programming that starts this Friday (24) at Funarte begins with shows from Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas and Bombay Groovy. On Saturday (25) it’ll be the turn for Meneio and The Tape Disaster. On Sunday (26) at Casa das Caldeiras, closing day will be showing concerts from Boom Project, Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística, Horta Project and Skrotes besides workshops, an art show and a culinary and cultural fair.
The project seeks to promote the work of original bands that make a difference for their “musical workmanship and deconstruction of landmark genres through textures and sound experimentation” and sets in focus to “adding value to music no just for the music but by a dialog with other art forms and a reflection on the environment”. This way, as the project’s organizers define it, the setting is more than a music festival, it’s a “moment of integration between bands” and an open situation for networking and new partnerships. The creation and executive production, as well as curation for the project is in the hands of Inti Queiroz. - Na Rota do Rock

"Brasília’s Horta Project plays a São Paulo festival"

Starting this Friday (24) and ending Sunday (26) of April in São Paulo, PIB Festival - Instrumental Brute Product, a festival dedicated to instrumental bands and promoting it’s genre in musical culture. For this edition, eight bands were selected and present themselves at Casa das Caldeiras and Cultural Complex Funarte SP. One of the bands selected, for their first time, is Brasília’s Horta Project.

On Sunday, the group formed by Rodrigo Vegetal (guitar), Tiago Palma (drums) and Lucas Cuesta (bass) goes on stage to show that the nation’s capital also has it’s own to represent the style. “From the initial years of the band, we wanted to play a festival like PIB and conquer that space”, explains Tiago. The band has been active since 2008, year they united to produce their first selt-titled EP. Horta Project will divide the stage with Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística from Rio Grande do Norte.

On PIB’s stage big names from the instrumental rock music scene have come by, such as Macaco Bong (MT), being the most renowed artist. And also, Pata de Elefante. Horta Project has played in several big festivals such as Brasília’s 51st Anniversary Celebration and Caça-Bandas, promoted by GRV in 2012.

Below read the interview given by Tiago Palma, Horta Project’s drummer:

What’s the importance and dimension of playing this festival?
Huge! As an instrumental band, we know we have a limited amount of space and venues to play and PIB Festival is the most traditional and representative in this scene. There are few opportunities and we have a lot of respect and admiration for the people that make the festival happen.

What’s the group’s perception towards the space given to original instrumental music?
Instrumental music has a very limited reach when compared to the traditional voice oriented music. Specially in rock. Because other genres like Choro (brazilian), classical music, and even electronic music have conquered their space and tradition in instrumental music. But instrumental rock is left out and directed to specific audiences. Specially because the majority play something more progressive, lots of parts and many times complex. That doesn’t always attract the big audience. But the lack of voice also makes it something universal, so anyone can listen to it around the world.

How does the band see the instrumental scene in Brasília? What could be done to make it better and it what way does the city and it’s supporters not do it justice?
Brasília has a small instrumental scene of bands with original music. Some are very good, such as Passo Largo, Muntchako, but the scene still developing. What we lack is promoters that believe that voiceless music also entertains and is generally well received in concerts, mixing with traditional bands. The important thing is to not segregate and define that instrumental can only play with bands alike. This weakens the scene for everybody. After all, we make music. More specifically, rock. With or without a voice.

Sunday April 26, Casa das Caldeiras - Doors open at 16h. Within the project Every Sunday at Caldeiras. Free admittance.
- 16h - 18h - Junk yard salvage percussion workshop with Loop B (enrol at place)
- 16h - 22h - Cultural Fair
- 16h - 22h - Art expo - curated by Mariana Coggiola (Cultural Epicentre) - artists: David Menezes Davox, Magno Borges & Guilherme Pinkasky
- 18h45 - Contemporary dance performance - excerpt from the spectacle “Hell” (opening set for July/2015) Actors: Elena Queiroz and Edson Calheiros

Shows on April 26:

18h - Boom Project Band (São Paulo / SP)
19h - Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística (Natal /RN)
20h - Horta Project(Brasília / DF)
21h - Os Skrotes (Florianópolis / SC) - Correio Braziliense


The Anatomy of Sound (live DVD - 2015)

  • Soya Intro
  • Hammer Sky
  • Lust
  • Sexy Riffs
  • Pulse
  • Strain
  • Soya Bean Kofta
  • Besouro Verde
  • El Hoyo Negro
  • Baritone
  • Waves of Conflict

Noise Within (2014)

  • Intro
  • Sexy Riffs
  • Pulse
  • Soya Bean Kofta
  • A troubled Mind
  • Hammer Sky
  • Abm#11
  • Baritone


  • Distorted Vision (2010)
  • Pulse (2012)

Horta Project EP (2009)
  • Intro
  • Yuki
  • Besouro Verde
  • El Hoyo Negro



   Created in 2009, Rodrigo Vegetal (guitar), Lucas Cuesta (bass) and Tiago Palma (drums) together create the sound that today is Horta Project. With influences from heavy rock, to funk, progressive rock and metal, the band released their first self-titled EP with 3 tracks starting their journey in instrumental rock. And throughout the years they released several singles from live recordings and special projects.

   Since then the band has performed from big stages to small pubs, festivals and venues exclusive to instrumental music or not. Such as PIB - Produto Instrumental Bruto (Brute Instrumental Product) in São Paulo (2015), Brasília’s Official Anniversary Celebrations (2011), Rock Sem Fronteiras (Rock Without Borders) (2014) and recently Móveis Convida (2016).

   In 2016 the trio launches their latest production, the live recording of their CD/DVD, Anatomy of Sound. This ten track piece features an unique visual experience with the use of video mapping on several surfaces interacting with the band's performance and a contemporary dancer portraying the main character to the narrative throughout the songs. The concert has the collaboration of several local musicians and important members of Brasília's independent music scene.

   The band is currently on tour of Anatomy of Sound, playing gigs and festivals in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Natal and São Paulo. In November 2016, the festival DoSol, elected the most important indie festival in Brazil, has invited the band to perform the songs from their latest album. In São Paulo, the band will perform supporting the most important instrumental act nationally, Macaco Bong as well as feature in a special session at the band’s headquarters Pico do Macaco.

   2016 is proving to be a very important year for the band and many plans are coming around to continue the work in 2017.

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