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"Hosoi Bros, Wine Witch 7?: Beware the Bite of the Purple Teeth"

Something about Severin Allgood’s delivery of the chorus lines in “Wine Witch” – the cadence of, “She’s the wine witch/Purple teeth/Six-six-six” – reminds me of Suplecs at their most fun-loving, but I can’t quite figure what it is. Backed on vocals by his fellow guitarist Shawn Apple, Allgood fronts Memphis, Tennessee, four-piece Hosoi Bros for the course of their brief Wine Witch debut 7”, ripping quickly through the aforementioned title-track and “Yellow Fever,” which follows an even speedier course. The band formed in 2010 has shared the stage with the likes of The Sword, Skeletonwitch, Red Fang and Totimoshi, and though they come off young as a unit, Allgood, Apple, bassist Drewbie Crenshaw and drummer JimmyJames Blasingame seem to have all been kicking around Memphis as members of various projects and bands. Hosoi Bros – one must resist the temptation to put a “The” before the band’s name – are cohesive across their first two tracks, however, and have a clear idea of where the core of their sound lies, and that’s mostly in their riffy punk influence. Wine Witch is pressed to a limited-to-300 edition of glow-in-the-dark vinyl, and shows immediately that the band – whose logo is remarkably similar in shape to that of Danish thrashers HateSphere – threatens nothing when it comes to taking themselves too seriously. Their Red Fang-esque video for “Wine Witch,” included below, confirms this as well.

What Hosoi Bros most have going for them is the energy in the material. Both “Wine Witch” and “Yellow Fever” teem with an unforced quickness of pace that only further highlights the excitement conveyed. The stuff is fairly basic stylistically, but that’s the point of it. Even with the two guitars, Hosoi Bros aren’t looking to make Wine Witch a prog record; they keep the formula simple and get right to the point. Bolstered by the humor in the lyrics – lines like “Merlot: Steals your soul” from “Wine Witch” – the songs are all the more memorable as a debut showing from the band. I don’t know if they’d be able to keep it up for a full-length without presenting some shift in sound, but a first 7” is certainly no time to worry about such things, when what Hosoi Bros are clearly trying to do is punk out and have a good time. They do it. Both “Wine Witch” and “Yellow Fever” – which is, near as I can tell, a variant on that of the jungle – are a lot of fun in their immature way, and delivered with a strength of performance from the band that shows they’re not just jokes. Crenshaw’s bass has its work cut out for it in keeping up with Apple and Allgood on guitar, but he more than manages, and Blasingame adds consistent snare rolls to “Wine Witch” while laying back more to ride the groove on “Yellow Fever” to show a bit of diversity and give a sense of adaptability. “Yellow Fever” borders on offensive, but stays on the side of cheeky, which is where it belongs, and its chorus of “I’m young/I’m ready/Yellow fever’s got the best of me” is undeniably catchy, while the verse – seemingly shouted by both Allgood and Apple – is harder to discern.In any case, it opens with a riff that’s almost Southern rock in how it rolls out, but soon makes its pulse known. Crenshaw is more prevalent on bass throughout “Yellow Fever,” as the guitars ring out some in the break, but it’s still Allgood and Apple responsible for driving the song forward as they did harmonizing on “Wine Witch,” and they’re apparently up to the task. But it’s all over so quickly that you almost need to be through it multiple times to get a feel for what’s happening. Coming around to “Wine Witch” again, Allgood has a kind of early-thrash gruffness in his delivery of the verse, thinking of the first Metallica or Slayer outings, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that element shows up on whatever Hosoi Bros’ next offering might entail. For now, the roughly five-minute time investment that both these songs take (and I think that includes flipping the record over), the fact that the physical press of Wine Witch literally glows in the dark, and the utter effectiveness of the simplicity at play makes the band’s debut single more than just an unpretentious palette cleanser – however effective it might be on that level as well – but a work of substance on its own. True to the purpose of any 7”, Wine Witch highlights a clear songwriting ability and makes me want to hear more from the band. - The Obelisk

"Hosoi Bros – Wine Witch 7?"

The most important thing I could tell you about Hosoi Bros isn’t that their two-song 7?, Wine Witch, is a nasty bit o’ thrash, a triple-six crossover special that ought to accompany every teeth-rattlin’ video of BMX spills on the web, or that the sleazy, evil hick-riffs burn like piss in the eyes, or that when you see a pentagram drawn on the side of a keg at a Memphis street fight it’s followed by the tag, ‘The Hosoi Bros Were Here,’ or that the off-beat, Red Fang-esque video for the title track was probably funded by bottle returns and panhandling. No, the most important thing I could tell you about the Wine Witch 7? is that there were only 300 of them glow-in-the-dark bastards made. And I have number 203. So, if they’re sending them out in order, you better hurry up and get yours now. All hail fat lips and thunderclaps.
Check out the video for “Wine Witch” from the Wine Witch 7?!
- Broken Beard


When I really started getting into music I used to go down to the local mall and hit up the music stores for cassette singles. I would love it when I found a song I liked and there was an exclusive b side on the tape. I know before cassettes it was done with 45's. Now tapes are pretty much a done thing and 45's have picked up a lot steam over the last few years.

A few days ago a 45 arrived in the mail from a band Hosoi Bros. It was a glow in the dark 7? called Wine Witch. The feeling of buying those cassette singles in my much younger days returned. This time though, I was listening to something I had never heard as opposed to buying a single from a well established band.

Wine Witch starts off with the self titled track. The songs is fast and very aggressive. The vocals have a very angst feeling to it but I think it’s supposed to be the style of the song. I flip over to the second side and put on “Yellow Fever”. I thought “Wine Witch” was aggressive, “Yellow Fever” takes it up a notch and then some.

Until this 7? was submitted, I had never heard of Hosoi Bros. I have a feeling that I’m going to be hearing more from these guys in the future. They are a heavy rock band with a ton of punk elements. I can’t help but think that this is what The Clash may have sounded like if they started out today. The band has played with the likes of Red Fang, Skeletonwitch, The Sword, Gypsyhawk, and Totimoshi. You can stream the 7? on the Bandcamp player below. If you like it, the 7? is available on glow in the dark vinyl and can be purchased through their Bandcamp page. I don’t normally give ratings to reviews but this one would garner a 4.5/5. My only gripe, you can’t fit enough songs on a 7? record. - The Soda Shop

"The Single Life - 7" of Fun - Featuring Devil to Pay, Mantis, Hosoi Bros, and Miss Lava"

Every time I hear this, I like it a little bit more. Looking at the guys, you wouldn't know what to expect. Check out the photos on the back, you'd think the local trailer park got overturned by a tornado and resurrected the muck hiding under the local rocks in Memphis. And that muck formed a band. On top of that, lead-singer/guitarist Severin Allgood (yes . . .I love his name) has the appearance of a lost Hanson Brother; the one who never made the hockey team. But then they start playing and, holy fuck, all notions go out the window. Forget appearances. These guys flat out rock! "Wine Witch" is full on Motorhead fueled, punk-snot nosed, Angelwitch sputum NWOBHM. Guitars flare and wind and undulate and it's all so . . . .fucking good. There's a stoner vibe to the guitar tone, but all amped up as if the bong got filled with meth not water. And best of all, the band just don't take themselves seriously. I mean, come on. Wine Witch? 666? It's that tongue in cheek humor that just makes the damn thing so special. "Yellow Fever" rocks with just as much abandon.

The heavy scene needs a band like this. One that doesn't get lost up their own tattooed ass. No pictures of wax dripping down skulls and burning embers. Just pure, unadulterated metallic haze. I heard these guys are one of the most raucous acts in Memphis. I don't doubt that for a second.

Hanson Brothers of metal. Who'd a thunk it? - The Ripple Effect

"Hosoi Bros. Release Video for "Wine Witch," Glow-in-the-Dark 7""

Memphis-based rock quartet Hosoi Bros. recently released their single "Wine Witch" unto the world. The cut is a straightforward, no frills rock and roll romp (as all rock and roll romps should be!) fueled by late nights and a fridge full of beer. What makes it even more novel is that the vinyl release comes in a limited edition glow-in-the-dark 7", which is a fun twist, and yes, it does actually glow (I tested mine, I promise.) If, after that description, there was any doubt what breed of rock and roll we're talking about, I can say that my LP was mailed to me in a protective cardboard sleeve that was a Bud Light box turned inside out. These guys are all rock and roll through and through, and if you have a free minute, spin over to the band's profile and check them out. In the meantime, enjoy their homemade labor-of-love video for Wine Witch, which vocalist Severin described to me as "the asinine video we did."
- Spike Guys TRiBE anchored by Spike.com


"Wine Witch" 7" b/w "Yellow Fever"
"Snorlokk" 7" b/w "Amberlamps"



Hosoi Bros formed in January of 2010 and since then we have played with Red Fang, Skeletonwitch, Truckfighters, The Sword, Torche, Gypsyhawk, Totimoshi, blah blah blah. We blend a whole lot of Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden,Thin Lizzy, St. Vitus etc. We have been referred to as party thrash, which we whole heartily accept.