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My music sounds like nothing anyone has ever heard. new talent,new sound and variety.HOSSENPHEFFA, too hot for the moment.


P.H.E.B.U.S. people hate everyday but united stand. Freestyling 12yrs ,recording and producing at 9rs. 3 solo projects and 3 compilations and 2 mixxtapes going 3. simply living music. my music is often imitated never duplicated. Decided to name my production company Ground up Ent. for just the hustle alone.Met my 2nd producer in charge PIK,"I taught him to use the equipment". Now 3 years later. have kept up with our craft. In a city with little promotion and overflowing talent Myself (P.H.E.B.U.S.) & PIK have developed a foundation of beats for other artist to work on in our community."HOSSENPHEFFA IS MY PHRASE IN A WORD", it means spicy rabbit in german but to me it is whatevers too hot for the moment right now my city is HOSSENPHEFFA. GET AT ME phebusgroundup@hotmail.com for msn users


currently out:
M.T. CLIPS Ground up compilation v1 2001
EYE CANDY Ground up compilation 2002
Dialex Ground up ent. fea. Chalys, Khan & Northstar2003
Broken peace chased by dreams lp P.H.E.B.U.S. solo album city release 2000
Mr. the album lp P.H.E.B.U.S. solo release 2004
Da Man An Da Madness lp P.H.E.B.U.S. solo album 2006
Due: ReeL Wurld 2007 P.H.E.B.U.S. solo album release May

Set List

oRIGINAL HOUSE PARTY MUSIC,30 min. 6 trackset/45 min.9track set. A mix of comedy and original concepted songs from hype to sorrowful we make it.