Hostile Hippies

Hostile Hippies


Rockin' original Texas reggae party music. A funky fresh bass line w/a drummer rockin it like a cave man + a lead singer with pipes from above drivin all the girlies crazy. They keep the crowd alive with their high energy live performance and crazy stage antics.


The Hostile Hippies formed in the early summer of 2008 in a small town called Paris, Texas. They have developed a very unique distinctive Texas reggae/rock sound that can’t be duplicated. Made up of members Alex Addy on the bass/guitar/vox, coming from a line of musicians, as his first cousin is the great Paul Simon. Addy is the edge to the band with his folk rock approach on reggae grooves. While on bass/guitar/vox as well, Preston Hall whose Uncle is Cas Haley of Americas Got Talent, covers the roots side of the group with his electric soulful vocals and catchy lyrics. With, Antonio Wagnon, keeping a steady funky beat on the drums they bring an energetic live show wherever they go. In a little over a year’s time the band has toured all over the U.S. opening up for many great reggae acts, and is always planning the next tour. With, their originality and do it yourself attitude they have attained a strong growing fan base, and rapidly turning the world onto Texas reggae.

Set List

o-original c-cover
Shot the sheriff c
Feel my pain o
Cantina Queen o
Rather Be o
Legalize It/murderer/jah roots medley c
Way she moves o
Fail to prove o
Me and Demetri o
pressure drop c
Public service ann. o
Baja Dreamin o
Manifest Dest. o
Welcome to jamrock c
Goin Back o
I could cry o
watch out o
funny how life goes o
off my gaurd o
Half moon o
New song o

thats what we generally play for a two hr. set