Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover


A rich mix of chaos, intensity, melody and dissonance, Hostile Takeover are a tight-knit, post punk, chain driven machine, wrapped loudly in uniquely and passionately crafed songs.


Founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2003, Hostile Takeover consists of bassist Gavin Bell, drummer Doug Ireland and guitarist/vocalist James Sullivan.

Contemporaries: Hot Snakes, Trail of Dead, Mission of Burma, Fugazi, These Arms Are Snakes, Constantines

The sound is a frenetic combination of elements that at times co-exist and often times clash. Taking the reckless spirit and DIY ethos from early punk/hardcore, the band combines the rhythmic precision of The Minutemen with the sonic exploration of Sonic Youth, adding a subtle melodic sense, high energy abandon and the desire to play with and almost mock traditional pop song structures.

Hostile Takeover are three friends who have done their time in some great bands you have probably never heard (Sanseiru, Secret Agent, Frizbee). Building upon the music and experiences of their past bands, and their love of the sounds from the forgotten eras of 80’s post punk and 90’s indie rock, Hostile Takeover recaptures the soul of the bands they grew up with and loudly reminds people that it is still important to play rock and roll recklessly and passionately.

Making their live debut at CMW in 2004, the band has played to rave reviews throughout Southern Ontario. In 2006 the band entered Toronto’s legendary Chemical Sound to record 14 songs. The all-analogue recording, mastered at world class Joao Carvalho Mastering, truly captures the essence of Hostile Takeover and includes appearances from Rob Castle (The Guest Bedroom) and Keith Hamilton (The Postage Stamps). 12 of these songs are to be released as their phenomenal debut album in December of 2006.


2005, S/T six song EP
2006, An American Band, CD/LP

Set List

1 set, 8 songs, 40 minutes:

Inside Info
From Sparks to Cinders
Product Placement
Class Action
For Your Consideration
Anthem for the Apathetic
Now is Never the Time
No Thanks to You