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""Exclusive" Feature Band"

Let me try to describe this band. hmmm??? Phenomenal! Our team listened to each and every song and was like.."WOW!"
The UK is doing Big Things. My favourite song is "gravestones." The rhythm and beats coupled with the eclectic flow is to be respected.

Host were formed in June 2006 when Mash and Phil, having played as an acoustic act for five years, started looking for people to form a new band. Dan came on board first following a drunken chance meeting with Phil in a nightclub, through a mutual friend. Dave appeared soon after via an advert he had placed on the internet, and that was that. From the first rehearsal the band gelled and continue to develop a large amount of original material.

We found this band via our selection screening for featured artists. Since, I personally listen to all types of music, I wanted our readers to check out bands like host. As you will find out by visiting Host at: is that they have real music. You can hear their passion in the music. Something sometimes missing from a lot of artists. However, in Host you will find originality. An unique and musical continuity that you'll enjoy. - - July 25th, Edition 23

"Host, Live at the Marrs Bar 30/07/07"

Worcester's Host launched their eponymously titled debut EP tonight and did themselves nothing but a whole lot of good with a top notch and very professional set. Guitarist Phil's invite to me included this, somewhat prophetic as it turned out, line, "we're planning to melt your faces with our music!!!" - he got that pretty much right then!!

Now, I'm a sucker for 'rock' bands that include an acoustic guitar in their frontline; Host do just that! Although pretty well back in the mix, the extra dynamic of the acoustic added sufficient subtlety and interest to what were pretty complex sounding songs. Hey, that's the Host way; theirs is a vibrant musical way that never lets you sit still and keeps you guessing. Typically, we were treated to a solid and uplifting set that obviously featured the tracks from the EP. I'm guessing that Host made a pretty big impression judging by the queue that quickly formed at the merch table after the gig - quite right too!!

Certainly, Host impressed me tonight; their cool, unflustered approach belied their relatively short gigging experience - they looked and played like consummate pro's! Instrumentally and vocally these guys totally nailed it tonight - Mash's excellent vocals were clear and alarmingly mature, Phil's incessant guitar work was as near to perfection as it gets, Dave's punctuative drum work was precise and just sufficiently 'weighted' and Dan's punchy bass work was expressive and pretty damn funky. In the past I've criticised Host for being too reliant on Mash's, almost unique, vocal 'acrobatics' - but after tonight's longer set I bow to their better judgement and have to concede that they got it just about right; the extended set showed Host's range and abilities and the inclusion of a couple of slower pieces was almost inspirational.

Looking more studious than animated the Host lads grooved their way effortlessly through an hours worth of slickly performed 'chunes'. Mash's spoken introductions were clear and concise (a very pleasant change from the all-too-often garbled and incomprehensible words that musicians seem to spew out nowadays!). Having said all those nice things I feel I must now put the dampener on things - just a tiny bit! Although Host connect with their audience extremely well through their pretty awesome music, they still don't seem to be able to make that all important personal connection yet - I'm sure that will come with time and gigging experience. Perhaps Host don't actually realise how good they are and the nerves kick in to inhibit the natural release of individual charisma. It'll come.

If nothing else tonight, Host proved to me that they could and should be up on much bigger stages than this - Host are already capable of being out there with some of the big names - doing support slots for major artists etc. They're good enough. They''re certainly focussed enough. Truth is, Host are ready for it!!!

"Host EP Review"

Well, this is quite some debut EP!! Reasonably new on the scene but already making quite a impact, Host show what they're made of and capable of with this pretty exceptional seven track work.

With their very individual but extremely listenable take on what modern pop/rock music should sound like; vibrant, pretty funked-up, and loads of feel-good factor - Host have certainly come up with the goods. Building on some great songwriting with stunning individual and collective abilities and a distinct flair for originality, Host make it all sound very easy and massively enjoyable.

This lengthy EP could just have easily been called 'mini-album' - such is the value-for-money factor here. And, not just value for money in terms of quantity either; Host really do deliver the quality too. Call it an EP, or mini-album or even demo - it doesn't really matter coz 'Host' the EP is gonna serve these talented guys very well however they choose to use it. Without doubt, this will make many an A&R man sit up and listen - quite rightly too! Host haven't cut any corners here either, they've laid down seven of their finest (mind you, all their songs are this good!!) tracks with dedicated professionalism and attention to detail. Don't try to pick a favourite though, you'll soon find that you love 'em all!

Mash's stylish and 'fancy' vocals are used to the max (if you've got it, flaunt it!) on most tracks and Dan, Phil and Dave make seriously mature music behind his acoustic guitar work. Nicely proportioned and expertly assembled, 'Host' EP is simply flawless in every respect - bloody good work!!

I really can't see anything but success resulting from this excellent release; with this sort of quality and their combined dedication to their art-form, surely Host are 'on the verge' on much bigger and better things.

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (

(Rhythm & Booze rating 9) -

"Another EP launch gig review"

Host are a four piece Worcester band who have decided to follow the rock and roll dream and have quit their day jobs in order to concentrate on the music. And from tonight’s performance, and the reaction of the assembled crowd, they may just have made the right decision.
Four guys who are great at what they do. Vocalist and acoustic guitarist Mash Harrison fronts the band with the uncompromising, effortless swagger of a pro. his multi octave vocal range doing justice to the self penned tunes that he and the band produce. In guitarist Phil Lewis they have a cool and laid back master of his art. With style and exuberance, I am sure he could give Gary Moore a run for his money. The Host sound is completed by drummer Dave Arthur who holds the band together with perfect timing and works as one with possibly the best bass player in the city. Dan Lennard seems to have funk in his soul and soul in his funk.
The bands laid back but ultimately professional approach sets the standard for other bands, grooving their was through over an hours worth of quality tunes.
The entire EP was performed tonight. the likes of Gravestones and the upbeat Wake Up ran shoulder to shoulder with the bass fuelled Lately and the haunting Canterbury. A cover of Chris Issacs Wicked Game left the crowd spellbound. A great version that started of slow but built into a amazing solid version.

A much appreciated encore saw band at their souled, funked up best.
Jamiroquai had better watch his back and Maroon Five should quit now. Host are here and have set their sights on the big time. -

"Cover of UrbanMainstream Magazine"

Cover can be seen at:

Also, our feature in the following issue, pages 38+41: - UrbanMainstream

"Independant EP and live review"

I know it's not like me to struggle for things to say about anything but words fail me when I try to describe this band. The only sentence I can come up with is it really is the definitive sound of summer. Even if it is floods outside (well it is in Droitwich anyway). These guys, based in Worcester are so ridiculously talented you'd forget about all that in a second. Having seen this band live not so long ago they really are my pick to see this summer.

With clever layering and intricate vocal parts "Sun Go Down" is a great start to any day. The instrumental style of the guitar compliments the complexed singing style perfectly. Everything is beautifully simple by the most part but in the solos each band member confirms their talent with impressive interludes. It's in a whole genre of its own! This band is breaking boundaries like eggshells, making it look so easy you can't help but wonder why it hasn't been done before! Folk with a rock riff twist!

"Gravestones" I was lucky enough to see live. I'm sure you'll agree that having seen a band you like live, a fair few when it comes to recording material just don't cut the mustard but I'm glad to report that live and otherwise this band really do deliver "Gravestones" has a really nice slow and acoustic sounding beginning which is revisited throughout and forms the strong foundations for layer upon layer of rich sounds.

If you've never listened to these reviews before or you have no Idea what I'm waffling on about these guys are playing at the Velvet lounge in Worcester on the 9th August and I think its well worth a look.

For fans of: Something a bit different! -


Host (Live EP) - available to download free at

'Host' EP - All tracks available to listen to for free on our official website ( or at Indiestore.



Host are a four piece alternative band with a variety of influences from folk, jazz and blues to funk, rock and metal.

Origins - Host were formed in June 2006 when Mash and Phil, having played as an acoustic act for five years, started looking for people to form a new band. Dan came on board first following a drunken chance meeting with Phil in a nightclub, through a mutual friend. Nick appeared soon after as he and Dan were already an established rhythm section, and that was that. From the first rehearsal the band gelled and continue to develop a large amount of original material (as well as playing weird stuff for a laugh and taking the p*ss out of each other).

Live - After an intensive four months rehearsing Host started playing live regularly. Starting with a number of venues and events in their hometowns of Worcester and Malvern (see the event calendar history for details), they spread out to the West Midlands and London and since January 2007 they have played over thirty gigs in these areas. Highlights include the Barfly in Camden, the Fly Bar in central London, The Bar Academy in Islington and The Shed in Leicester. Host love playing live and play as often as they can!

Music - Host have approximately 15 finished tracks and thirty songs in development covering many themes and musical styles.


In September 2006 Host recorded a live demo at the Marrs Bar in Worcester, the principle aim being to demonstrate the bands' capabilities live to promoters and venue managers. After a long wait the band finally got into the recording studio (FFG Studios) to produce their first EP 'Host' in May this year, due for release in July.
The recording of a second acoustic influenced EP (as yet untitled) has been confirmed for summer '07 which will largely consist of new material and feature new instruments.