Hot Blood Bombers

Hot Blood Bombers


Queen City Rock 'n Roll Trio that throw a loud, sprawling show, with rhythm and charisma, known to induce seizures(this actually happened) and pregnancy. Once described as old wine in new bottles, the Hot Blood Bombers bridge the old with the new in an exciting burst of rock 'n roll mayhem.


Started in 2005, Hot Blood Bombers started off playing small shows and parties in and around Regina, Saskatchewan. After a few line up changes, many jam spaces come and gone and several western Canadian tours, HBB found themselves sharing the stage with many of the major acts out there today such as Tricky Woo, C'mon, Priestess, Grady, Nashville Pussy, Pride Tiger and many many more.
After playing a showcase at the 2007 WCMA's, HBB met up with Transistor 66 Records. They then found themselves in Winnipeg at the legendary Royal Albert, where HBB were asked by Transistor 66 Records to join the family.
A recent article including a front page appearance on Beatroute magazine from Calgary, Alberta, said about an HBB live show "...the Hot Blood Bombers launch into the opener and romp through a solid 45 minutes of sprawlinÂ’, throbbinÂ’, fuzzed-out, garage punk soul taken straight from The Cramps, The Jam, early R&B Who and the Motor City Five. The Bombers sweat it out old school, pumping fresh blood and fight for their right... the dance floor is packed, bouncing with bodies."


2008-Dirty Little Party (Transistor 66 Records)
2007-In the Mercury High (National Hearing Lab Records)
2006-Red Wine, Loose Lips (independent)
2005-Punk is Dead and Your Next (independent)

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Set List

Set lists can vary greatly from show to show, repatoir includes about 100 songs.
Usually playing songs from the most recent releases by Hot Blood Bombers with the occasional cover of a couple songs by the Kinks and the odd old rockabilly tune.