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"Hot Challenge worth a listen -- maybe two"

“Hot Challenge is a polished San Francisco indie-techno rock band that has lots of modern elements and sounds reminiscent of Interpol, the Killers, Bloc Party and perhaps a touch of Muse and the Cure. Infused with all that is a welcome emphasis on catchy choruses that make the band's new EP one of the most digestible records I've heard in a long time. No, really. I actually found myself repeatedly listening to this record when I didn't have to…this is a band that understands that just enough style and substance with good hooks can cross lines and attract a wide fan base. It would be no great stretch to suggest that Hot Challenge is ready for a record deal.” - Contra Costa Times

"Hot Challenge on Band Barometer"

..your music is hot. Part electro pop, some modern rock substance and a little quirkiness. Less dark than Interpol, less poppy than The Killers, more fun than Bloc Party. Love from the Contra Costa Times and spins on Soundcheck prove you're on the right path. We dig the Muse-ish vibe, and the fuzzy guitars and thick synths are addictive. There's Brandon Flowers-esque vocals too, but with less of that annoying warble. Nice!" - The Owl Magazine

"Hot Challenge at Great American Music Hall"

"Nearly one year ago Hot Challenge were playing shows at Brainwash, a tiny venue that doubles as a Laundromat (not to disparage Brainwash; any place where you can get your socks rocked off right into the washing machine is a winner in my book). This gives you a good idea of how far they've come in a short amount of time, because now they're headlining the Great American Music Hall. How did the band, whose music walks the line between postironic, '80s-revival synth pop and modern rock staples like Bloc Party and the Killers, accomplish this feat? By hustling its butt off, playing big-dumb-smile-inducing live shows, and making polished electrorock that's as unpretentious as it is danceable." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Hot Challenge: Local Bands on the Rise"

"A local fan put it best when I asked her initial thoughts of Hot Challenge’s music. “These guys make my spinner go crazy when I listen to them during a game of twister.” The music is good, potential to be solid National Touring act...They are funny and defiantly entertaining musically, a quirky bunch of guys with a very experimental yet poppy sound. The difference between a purely “local” band and a “local” band such as Hot Challenge is their songwriting ability, which comes through in every song." - Zero Magazine

"Hot Challenge at Bottom of the Hill"

"Peppered with cheesy jokes and bouncy, synth-infused pop rock, a Hot Challenge show is the ideal way to detox and re-energize from the latest round of New Year's debauchery. These young upstarts (including brothers Joe, JP, and David Rose) have a small but catchy repertoire with just enough creative edge to set them apart from other bubblegum scenesters." - Flavorpill

"Everything Gone Green, Ultraset, Hot Challenge, Echodrone TOMORROW"

"Hot Challenge is totally worth a listen. They seriously look like a bunch of models (*swoon!), but the one song they've got on their profile seriously rocks. They need to get some more songs up for people to listen to, but they're worth keeping on your radar." - Delif SF


Hot Challenge EP
"Midnight On Everest"
"Eyes Open"



Hot Challenge is an indie electro rock band based in San Francisco. The band is formed of vocalist/guitarist JP Rose, vocalist/keyboardist Dave Rose, and bassist/vocalist Joe Rose. As a band of three brothers, Hot Challenge is a genre-bending group that combines elements from rock, pop, rhythm and blues, as well as dance music to create a sound that is both unique and intensely catchy.

Hot Challenge has had "Wine" and their most recent single, "Midnight On Everest" featured on Live 105's Soundcheck program for new music. Hot Challenge has also received glowing reviews from SF Bay Area press and is has headlined some of SF and LAs best venues such as Bottom of the Hill, the Echo, Rickshaw Stop, Cafe du Nord, and the Great American Music Hall.

Hot Challenge was formed in March 2007 when JP and his younger brother, Dave, began exchanging song ideas via cell phone recordings. JP had recently broken up with his power pop band, Florentine, and was interested exploring new musical directions. JP's older brother, Joe, picked up bass after years of playing guitar, and Hot Challenge was born soon thereafter. With each band member interested in different artists (Joe: Red Hot Chili Peppers and LCD Soundsystem, Dave: Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, Evan: Nine Inch Nails and Muse, JP: Interpol and Bloc Party), the band uses these creative differences to their advantage. Throughout their elementary and high school years, the three Rose brothers were heavily involved in classical piano and choir, which reflects itself in Hot Challenge's solid songwriting and vocals.